well, hello there (Q&A pt.1)

it's Monday… i am having a bit of a sick day today (gross!), so it's the perfect time for me to hang out for a few hours and try to put a dent in these questions (over 200…whoa!) this should be fun…



Q: I would like to know other than  sushi what else is some of you fav foods? What do you snack on when you scrap? Thanks!!
A: mmmm. this is a fun little question.
I've mentioned these before… i LOVE Lara bars. any food with only 3 or 4 ingredients gets an A+ in my book! My favorite flavors are "cashew cookie" and "banana cookie"… "key lime pie" is good too.


Green apples are my favorite. Raw or baked with cinnamon… yum!


Coconut water…


Coffee and tea…


(my drink…)




we go to Starbucks (maybe) waaaaay too much, and all of the local places (mostly big momma's and the coffee ethic).

Speaking of, i have an embarrassingly LARGE collection of these,


(thinking of building a pirate ship out of them?)

and last, but certainly not least… my very favorite pleasure food!


Q: Have you ever been to Iceland?
A: Nope, but i would *love* too. love love love love.

Q: Are you a good singer?
always wondered… hmmm :]

A:haha… nope. not at all. i only sing in my car… alone! 😀

Q: Alright here's one!  Where do you find all of your fun, funky vintage clothing??  You always look amazing!!
A: Well, thank you. That is so kind.
I like to take a break (usually if i am having a stressful day) every few weeks and go to a few thrift shops (here in Springfield, my favorite is "Thrift Haven" on Glenstone… Commercial street has some great Vintage shops too!) Also, it's always fun to shop online… here are some recent "good finds"…

from etsy…

i wanted these so bad, but they sold… bummmmer dude.

i love this one. 



I've been lusting badly for a pair of these… they are for a great cause too! 

some summer dresses….. and i am think i need to order these….

you can never have too many pairs, right?

oh… and i almost forgot, i steal clothes from my sister! ha! 😀

Q: What is your favorite accessory at the moment?

A: bandannas!


Q: I am curious how you got your own scrapbook product line?
A: well, it was a process… at the time i had just written my first book, i was contributing to Creating Keepsakes, designing fonts and teaching classes. i took my time to find a company that was a good fit for my style and most importantly who i could really trust. It wasn't a rushed thing at all and i have been very happy working with KI Memories. We have had a lot of fun together the past almost 2 (wow!) years.





That said, I will admit that I work a *lot*. I love staying up late, obsessing over new ideas and having more side projects than i can keep up with. I think that really loving what you do is the most important step. To absolutely love the things you spend your time on every day is (to me) one of the most valuable things you can experience in life!

Q: Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

A: oh my…. this is going to be a long one. 🙂

let me first say that i *adore* the feeling of being inspired. when i first hear a new song or see a new film, or whatever… best feeling in the world.

here are the current ones…

i love High Fructose
and swindle…  
and Juxtapoz




a few (newish) favorite artists and photographers….

Ryan Heshka




the lovely miss lulu… 






Linzie Hunter 








Jim Houser










hmmm… i could go on and on and on forever…. 😀

I've been listening to this soundtrack with you know who…





and my favorite band (probably for the rest of 2008, yessss i love them that much!)

the flaming lips






and it would be silly of me not to mention this boy…


he  comes over to my house and immediately  walks over to my painting table to see what's new every day. most days we work together in some way. it's really inspiring to me how much he loves to create. it's a great way to live.

other random things that inspire me:
peter pan
outer space
Emma's stories
Doren's drawings
Rachel's journals
pretty weather
Commercial street
my favorite website
and making things for my etsy shop

OK… off to meet Nessa for dinner. i hope your Monday was lovely!
more Q&A soon! loves, Elsie

  • First of all I hope you feel all better soon! I hate being sick 🙁

    Love this post, so much eye candy! You are so much fun 🙂

  • Wow what a humungas post….(I know I probably spelled that wrong, but you know what I mean) Lots of eye candy…yum!! And I enjoyed reading your answers. Hope you had a lovely dinner with Vanessa!

  • Agree, thanks for the awesome eye candy… I’m off to the store to find me some hi-fructose mag & coconut water! ;o)

    Hope you feel better!

  • Okay. So your question and answer has brought about a new question from moi…what is coconut water? I mean what does it taste like? Are there chunks of coconut floating in it? Where did you get it? I’m intrigued by this new beverage. Maybe Trader Joe’s has it…perhaps yes?

    Haha. Kinsey

  • haha hi Elsie! Great first batch of answers! Lots of yummy eye candy to go with everything!

    Oh and Kinsey, there is a dessert out there that has coconut water and young coconut in it… very yummy!

  • of all things…i want to know where you found those heart sunglasses! i found some at fredflare but i like the white. can u let me know? thanks!

  • *swoon*

    i love Toms shoes. I have a pair of black ones and as soon as I can find the right pants to go with them, they’ll be my office-shoe of choice for SURE.

  • Elsie, if you can squeeze another Q in from me…is your famous trademark handwriting your regular handwriting? I would love to have interesting handwriting like yours!!

  • hi. great blog. i love the list of inspirations – they’re always there, but sometimes it’s fun to try to think of as many as you can. i dig your stuff on flickr too.

  • Hi Elsie,

    I love your energy. I love Pan’s Labyrinyth too. The most imaginative part being the monster that had the eyes on his hands and fingernails that looked like lashes…that was off tangent, but thanks for sharing because all these things help inspire me, which is something that I constantly need in my life to remind me to make the most out of everyday.



  • I am a big fan of yours! I didn’t realize that you lived in Springfield. I’m from Joplin, MO.

    Hmm…it’s such a small world!

  • Hope this isn’t too personal, but what color do you use on your hair? I love it and have been looking for a true red for years. And it looks fab on you BTW!

  • About your “One More Day” print in your Etsy shop:

    I just want to say how awesome I think this is. I had to hold back tears when I saw this because my boyfriend, the love of my life, left for his second deployment overseas for the military a couple of months ago. Every day since a month before he left this is what I keep telling myself “Just One More Day!” So that’s all… Just thank you for giving me such wonderful things to look at for inspiration. Have a flippin fantastic day. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • thanks! i love hearts! i didn’t find them on their site tho, so i might have to go with the fredflare ones. pink. or red. or both. lol

  • My daughter’s name is Nessa and I am always shocked when I hear of another. Is the Nessa you were meeting just “Nessa” or is it short for something. My Nessa is the hebrew word for miracle.

  • Hey there, As usual I find a fun, awesome and inspirational post from you. I love your stuff!! Keep on with sharing your artistic life, you inspire a lot of people!!


  • WOW so many little things in life. Thank you so much for sharin yours. It’s really neat-o to see the little things that inspires you on a day to day basis. Maybe one day, I’ll be open enough to do that.

    I’m off to find out more about that coconut water!

  • so fun to see all your loves… one of the local stores here in Lubbock had a Toms trunk show this last saturday. they had live music and paint so that could paint our own Toms!!! it was amazing. you woulda loved it!!!

  • The Royal Tenenbaums picture is sweet! I love the Flamming Lips, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, it’s so great to see what inspires you! This whole 20 questions thing is a great idea… it’s gret getting to know you better Elsie!

    ps… that Lucia Holm, she rocks!

  • i really enjoyed looking at all of these photos! i feel so inspired!! 😀

  • Wow! That was really fun to read – and guess what? I just had to buy a pair of Tom’s shoes after seeing them on your post. hahaha – I’m always looking for cute comfy shoes. Thanks!!! You are a very inspiring person and create such amazing things. Keep up the fabulous work! 🙂

  • I have to say that I think that it is so wonderful that you have someone that is so caring of your life and your choices, it’s so hard to find that, you are so lucky! It’s nice to see we are inspired by a lot of the same things and lots of new things for me. I wish you all the best with every future endeavor, you are so creative and I love coming to your blog!

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