RVA photos

what a wonderful week. it was full of good things… some time with my Red Velvet girls. we only get to hang out as a group a few times a year (since emma lives in california), so it's always a treasure & a treat!
12344444410this week also included: a maritime themed surprise party, new paint colors on my new walls, a new obsession that has completely taken over my crafty senses, another underwear painting and a final trip to the post office after a few weeks of practically living there! i'll share photos of the party soooooon! elsie

  • I don’t got your point. But thank you all the same.

  • Hello!

    I am new to the blog and I must say I am quickly becoming obsessed with these adorable glasses!

    Would you (or your friends!) mind sharing where you got them?

    Thanks in advance!


  • What a fun photoshoot! I had to do a double take because it looked like it was a bunch of Elsies! lol (Meant in the best possible way). 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Looks like you all have such a fantastic time together. I wish I had a big, huge group of buddiesto hang out with, that like to do the same things. Fun, fun, fun! 🙂

  • I wish you knew how much I missed you this weekend. The new shots look aweseome! you are all so beatiful!! LOVE YOU!

  • I love the pictures!! 🙂 🙂

    And I can’t wait to see what you girls have in store!

  • I wish I was there in Springfield to meet you, but France is sooo far away … 🙁

    Love your pictures (you’re lucky to have someone who loves taking pics as you!).

    Hope to see you guys maybe one day!


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