What’s Your Favorite A Color Story Filter?

@BrightBazaar Disco BallHey, friends! Today I’ve asked a bunch of my favorite Instagram users to share their favorite A Color Story filter. What blew me away was that every single person chose a different favorite. That’s awesome!

In this post you’ll find inspiration and examples for new filters you might not have tried yet!

Favorite filter: Disco Ball from Good Vibes

Favorite filter: Rose from Blush

@keikolynn Tulip:Fresh@KeikoLynn
Favorite filter: Tulip from Fresh

@ArielleVey Magic Hour:Good Vibes@ArielleVey
Favorite filter: Magic Hour from Good Vibes

@arrowandapple Ginger Tea@ArrowAndApple
Favorite filter: Ginger Tea from Good Vibes

@SugarandCloth Pop from Essentials@SugarAndCloth
Favorite filter: Pop from Essentials

@JeffMindell Palm Springs@JeffMindell
Favorite filter: Palm Springs from Good Vibes

@StudioDIY Everyday + Lipstick from Essentials@StudioDIY
Favorite filters: Everyday and Lipstick from Essentials

@Splendid_Rags Ice Ice and Wise Guy@Splendid_Rags
Favorite filters: Ice Ice from Essentials and Wise Guy from Boho

@EmmaRedVelvet Chroma@Emmaredvelvet
Favorite filter: Chroma from Chroma

@ElsieLarson Punch from Blush@ElsieLarson
And my favorite filter is Punch from Blush. It’s honestly SO tough to narrow down, though. The other night I spent a couple hours trying to narrow it down to three filters I could use on the daily (I’m still using a LOT of different filters), and I still couldn’t narrow it down below six. I ENVY those people with such a strong style that they use the same filter for every single photo!

If you guys enjoy this, I’ll do another one sometime with more people’s favorites! Now, my only question is…. do YOU have a favorite filter??

Have a great weekend!! xx- Elsie

ps. If you haven’t downloaded A Color Story yet, it’s FREE and it’s in the iTunes store now! By the way, a LOT of the favorite filters listed here are from packs that come free with the app! (And yes, Android is coming soon too!!!)

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Photography linked throughout and edited with A Color Story.

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