Where to Buy Dried Flowers

I am really into dried florals this season! Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh florals as well, but the wonderful thing about dried florals is the mileage you can get out of them.

They last so long and I find them really fun to rearrange and use season after season, year after year! In this post, I will share where I buy my dried florals online and how I use them to decorate my home.

Benefits of dried florals

Dried flowers can lean in so many decor styles. I love that they add organic texture to my home and I think they are very classy. In my home, I tend to mix a lot of neutrals because I am looking to add texture more than color most of the time.

You will also see in my collages below selections like pink pampas grass, which can lean more bohemian and tropical.

-Last a long time
I am very into fresh florals and I buy them often, but it is never fun when they die. The wonderful thing about dried florals is that they never die (already dead!) and you can reuse the same floral stems for years on end.

-Great DIY supply
It’s super fun to make wreaths and garlands with dried florals, use them to wrap gifts, and decorate both indoor and outdoor places.

Where I purchase dried florals

In addition to shopping locally, there are two main places I purchase dried florals online. The first is Etsy. I love Etsy because the selections tend to be more curated with nicer and more detailed photos.

Links: Globe Amaranth / Dried Eucalyptus / Light Brown Fern / Dried Palm Leaves / Golden White Eucalyptus / Pink Dried Palm Leaves / White Bunny Tails / Nigella Orientalis / Burgundy Bunny Tails / White Ruscus

The second place I like to shop for dried florals is Amazon. It’s easy to find good deals on Amazon and nice to know items are returnable if they don’t arrive as expected.

At times, the fast shipping is also necessary for someone like me who tends to plan last minute.

Links: Blush Pink Pampas Grass / White Pampas Grass / Billy Button Balls / White Baby’s Breath / Cotton Stems / Dried Palm Leaves / Light Pink Pampas Grass / Assorted Pampas Grass / Ivory Baby’s Breath / Large Pink Pampas Grass / Dried Daisies

How I use dried florals in my decor

The main way I use dried florals is the same as fresh flowers—simply displaying them in vases and cups around my home. I love the soft texture they add.

You can see here they group so well with candles and mirrors, and below with art and brass objects.

Thank you so much for reading! If you love flowers as much as I do, I hope you will consider adding some dried florals to your home. They are so pretty and last forever. xx- Elsie

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  • I love this feature!
    One little thing though, I’m a dried flower seller and on my care cards for customers I always highlight the dangers of having dried botanicals on display near any open flames or heat sources like candles as they are highly flammable , so it I feel it would be remiss of me not to point out to just make sure that candle is not too close! 🙂

  • All your flowers look so pretty! I’ve used dried eucalyptus around my house and I love that it lasts forever 🙂

  • Hi! I’m confused where are the multi colored balls? The link doesn’t show those pretty little ones.

  • Love this!!! We moved into a new home last summer, and I’ve been decorating with dried eucalyptus and lavender because they smell *amazing* as well as looking super cute!! I’m sensitive to smells so I can’t handle candles/diffusing oils, but I also could not handle my new build house smelling like Home Depot, lol. Dried plants to the rescue! I actually bought fresh eucalyptus at first too, and then hung the stems to dry once their lifespan was up! The dried stems are still going strong! I love it.

  • I really like afloral as well. They have an amazing selection and I appreciate they’re sustainable practices. And I feel like their prices are also really good.

  • Little heads-up for European readers – I get most of my dried flowers from We Are Flowergirls (https://www.weareflowergirls.com/), a small, female-lead business from Austria. They also make amazing bouquets and flowerboxes (and crowns!), which is ideal if you want something ready-made…!

  • Please also note that you can also find dried flowers at your local farmers’ market. Small independent flower farmers put a lot of energy into producing beautiful dried flowers and dried flower arrangements. They also make great gifts. 🙂 Amazon is not the only option!

    • was about to say the same! gave my MIL a dried bouquet from our farmers market that she loved and in the fall i treated myself to weekly fresh eucalyptus and cockscomb celosia and dried it myself – still sparking joy 🙂

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