White Christmas!

first of all, i should tell you that i’ve lived in Missouri my entire life and it usually doesn’t snow in December. It’s sorta annoying like that because at Christmas time i actually *want* it to snow and after Christmas i instantly can’t wait till Spring. anywayyy… it snowed last night!! 

Snow  here are a few magical family memories from this year: 

Christmas-tree Christmas eve with my parents and seeing my grandparent’s hold Penelope on Christmas. She was definitely the ‘star’ this year… we love her so much. 

Christmas-penelopeChristmas-stockings and this was heart warming…. jeremy’s mother has made adorable cross stitched stockings for everyone of her children and grandchildren and this year she made one for me. it has a little teddy with a paint set and cupcake fabric on the back. it was the kindest thing. i really love his family and i am very happy to be a part of it. 🙂

jeremy surprised me with the most gorgeous vintage chair (haven’t photographed it yet) that i had been lusting after for months and months. i had no idea! it was really sweet. and a bunch of new records for our home (mostly Queen b.c i am a huge fan and also David Bowie) and lots of cute treats.  

i got jeremy tickets to see the Flaming Lips next week (new years 2 years ago was sorta our first unofficial date/hang out) and a new set of keys…

Flaming-lips Piano

Woodgrain-walletoh yes, and this cute faux bois wallet from Quiet Doing.        

i’ll share the rest of the handmade gifts i purchased for my family in the next day or two. it’s really the most fun kind of shopping and special gift to give. 🙂 i love it. 

i hope your holiday we very merry! my store is closed for the weekend and we are planning more family time, a visit from lovely friends, hot cider and maybe one or two more Christmas movies. what was the highlight of your holiday? XO. elsie 

Merry-christmas-elsieElsie (LA sent me this pretty deer photo today….. in love)

  • so happy that you guys had a beautiful christmas !!!!!

    like a merry go round of work love and creativity – i love the way at christmas we all come to a quiet and contented stop – to think of family, friends, aspirations and those who maybe do not have as much sunshine in their lives.

    enjoy every second of your holidays elsie – i am loving mine too – and soon we will all be into 2010 with love, creating and fun to share with everyone.

    dommie x

  • Ok First of all- I TOTALLY agree with you on the snowing in Missouri thing! After Christmas i’m totally ready for spring- however Missouri IS NOT lol I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  • I love the deer picture-so sweet! And I’m glad you got to have snow for Christmas! 🙂

  • aww what amazing gifts! and flaming lips tickets!?!:D girlfriend of the year award! hehe

  • The presents this year were really thoughful. Some of the highlights were:

    My brother threw me and incense holder on the pottery wheel.

    I water colored my dad a painting and had it framed. I crocheted my mom wooly socks and the card I gave her made her cry…

    Dad picked out a beautiful green clay pot to give my mom.

    And mom got me a set of prismacolor ink pens and micron pens. The art had already started!

    We spent all day hanging out in the living room enjoying each others company. It was really special.

  • Merry Christmas Elsie & Jeremy!

    it has been a memorable Christmas this year. we traveled to SD to see our families… and spent one night playing yahtzee by candle light (blizzard!!) and lots of 4 wheel drive and cozy times with camilies. all the roads are closed. what fun memories to have with our kiddos.

    stay warm lovies!



  • The girl who owns these deer, and took this picture lives in Kansas City. They are stuffed fawns (unfortunately).

  • Haha I’ve actually seen that picture before. Those deer are actually not alive anymore, but died in the womb because the mother was shot, I believe. That is exactly how the two deer were found in the womb. Still asleep. Like nothing ever happened.

    Sorry, hahah thats pretty sad, I know. I didn’t mean to be a downer. But I just thought you should know. 🙂

  • 1 thats so depressing about the deer…
    2. a new set of keys?!?! Is your bf moving in?!? so sweet!

  • Merry Christmas, glad to hear you had an amazing one!
    Flaming Lips are amazing live, you guys are going to have a blast!!
    New Years is a special day for me and my love also, I hope you have a great new years, thanks for continuing to inspire with your love and crafts!! <3

  • Wow, I found your blog through La Vie Boston….I’m in Spfd and we also woke up to a snowy Christmas…it did make it seem much more like Christmas, but I’m glad to see it melting away. I can only take it in small doses =)

  • Belated, but none the less heartfelt, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! And hope the New Year is much better than it appears it is going to be!

  • Thanks for dropping us some love! So glad we could make you laugh! Thanks for the free download of the mustaches.

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