Whole 30 Comfort Food

Whole 30 comfort food. It exists!Hey, friends! Today I want to share a recipe that feels, to me, like the closest you can get to “comfort food” during Whole 30. Now that I am done with my Whole 30, I am still making variations of this meal several times a week. It’s a favorite in our house because you can make it with a huge variety of ingredients (whatever’s left in the fridge), and you can eat it for any meal of the day. I’ll share my favorite variations below. 

Whole 30 comfort food. It exists! Sausage, Potato and Mushroom Skillet, serves two. 

2 tablespoons avocado oil
2 sausage links (you can use any flavor and it can be pork, turkey or veggie) 
1 sweet potato, cut into small sliced pieces (we love Japanese sweet potatoes—they are purple-ish on the outside and white on the inside)
1/4 small white onion, chopped
6 large mushrooms, chopped
garlic powder
1 sprig rosemary
Tamari (or soy sauce) to taste 

In a large skillet start with the oil and sweet potatoes and onions, since they take the longest to cook. When they are almost done (I like mine super crispy, but that’s up to you!), add the mushrooms and sausage and a little Tamari (or soy sauce), a sprinkle of garlic powder and one sprig of rosemary chopped into tiny pieces. Let it cook some more. You won’t need salt since the Tamari is salty. Let it cook until you can see that the sausages are completely done, and serve! 

*Whole 30 people can substitute Coconut Aminos for Tamari and just make sure your sausages don’t contain sugar and you’re good! 

Breakfast variations—For breakfast I like to eat just sweet potatoes with an egg or half a cut up avocado. Kinda similar to Josh’s sweet potato hash

Other variations—If you’re wanting a lighter meal, you can reduce the amount of potatoes and add way more mushrooms. I love that. You can also try red peppers, different kinds of potatoes, or green beans. I like to use a lot of rosemary, and Jeremy doesn’t use any. So experiment until you find your favorite combinations! 

Whole 30 comfort food. It exists! Enjoy! Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

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