Why DIY? (and some peeks of Emma’s wedding dress!)

So… this weekend I got married. Whoa. I've been feeling a million different feelings this weekend (not to mention this season). I married my best friend and started a new exciting chapter in life. Tons of our family and close friends were in town to celebrate with us. I think we both agree we didn't get spend enough time with anyone, but I guess that's how it goes. And of course, hosting a big event has its stresses as there are a million last-minute details to do. We hardly had enough time to get our wedding portaits done, but I really wanted those bike photos! A little ridiculous (and terrifying) riding a bike in a wedding dress, but it all worked out. 🙂 Emma-trey-wedding-5788One thing that's been on my mind during the whole preparation period is why DIY? We created a lot of the elements for my wedding from scratch. My brother made our invites. My sister designed my wedding dress (you can see it in the video) and a bunch of talented folks work on it including: Elsie, Katie, Jessica, Laura, Kinsey and even me. Big project that I will cherish forever. Elsie and Rachel (plus others) helped put together all the flowers. My sister-in-law collaborated with me to create all the recipes served at the reception, and she (plus other helpful hands) cooked everything. I had a hand in every decoration used at the ceremony and reception with a lot of help from Laura, Katie and Sharon. Jeremy (and company) preformed all the ceremony music. And so many others helped with special projects or other preparations. 

I could have just bought a wedding dress. There are SO many beautiful ones out there. I could have bought all my decorations or had professional caterers make the reception food. And that would have been great too. But some of my very favorite memories from the past few months were times when I was working on projects with friends or family. I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it. DIY allowed me to add another layer of meaning to my wedding day. And I loved every minute of it. And I feel so thankful for all the help I received.

Thanks for letting me share this quick video we put together for you. Trey and I are off to our honeymoon today. When I get back and things start to settle down I can't wait to share all the photos and new projects with you! xo. Emma

Photo by: Arrow&Apple

  • I can’t even begin to describe why I love this so much… I’m a huge believer in DIY. Even if it is just one or two special elements. Congratulations… it was a ton of fun following along with the festivities via Instagram.

  • I am so happy for you! Your dress is beautiful and you and Trey on the bikes looked really amazing!

  • It’s so funny hearing your voice after so many years reading your blog! You looked absolutely stunning in your wedding dress, and it looks like a beautiful wedding. Both yours and Elsie’s lives seem to revolve around DIY, and so having your wedding any other way wouldn’t have seemed right!
    I simply cannot wait to see the rest of your beautiful photos!
    Lots of love.


  • Stunning. Stunning. Stunning. Can’t wait to see more! Congrats.

  • Congratulations again 🙂 have a wonderful honeymoon,lookin forward to seeing the photos! 🙂
    Rosie x

  • Amazing. I didn’t realize Elsie designed your dress. So incredible. I love following #tremma on instagram. Beautiful wedding!

  • That is just a lovely video. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Oh, and I love, love, love the whole bicycle thing. Those pictures are going to be gorgeous. 🙂

    Best wishes on a long, happy life together. Congrats!

  • Congratulations on taking this next step in your life and with your best friend. You (and Elsie) have been incredibly generous with your DIY posts so you deserve this great moment(s) in your life. Your (and Elsie’s) lifestyle blog has been such an inspiration to me and others out there and I hope that you will continue being inspired with life, especially now that you have joined souls with Trey. Love, love, and love, Cee.

  • I loved everything featured in your video! It is always so special to have family and friends involved in even the tiniest details of these once in a lifetime events. So happy that your day came together so perfectly!

  • can’t wait to see more. your dress is, truly, one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. congrats!

  • Congrats! Absolutely beatiful and something no one else don´t have. Something special.

    Love, Elena

  • congrats, Emma! I’m so glad your wedding was everything you hoped it would be. Have fun on your honeymoon!
    Hearing about the amount of DIY in your wedding is inspiring. I’m not getting married, but it shows that DIY can be so much more than putting up something of your own on your wall or making a cute trinket. It can be such a big part of your life.


  • I DIYed my wedding as well and feel it was totally worth it. It makes it YOU, not just something everyone else can go buy in a store.
    I loved all the photos on instagram! You looked stunning.

  • my husband and i celebrated our 9-month anniversary on your wedding day and i still remember each DIY element we created for our wedding–the food, the table decorations, the flowers, the invitations–every bit that we created or found is indelibly marked with the overwhelming happiness of that day. you look stunning in your dress and i am excited to see more photos from your happy day. congratulations!

  • My sister-in-law has to read this and see the video, but (this doesnt suprise me at all) she hates DIY, because in her eyes its not worth it! It is in fact and thats why I broke up with her and her husband! I made a bunch of clothes for her two adorable girls, but it was not appreciated. I was so sad…but this video make me smile again!
    Your voice is so cute, Emma!


  • You both look wonderful! Have a glorious honeymoon + hope it’s full of happy memories 😀

  • Love your dress! I loved seeing all the #tremma posts on Instagram too… I hope they keep coming! Have a fabulous time in Switzerland. Can’t wait for more wedding posts 🙂 I get married in 9 weeks and I’m hoping to see some great ideas 😉 hehe xx

  • so beautiful – congrats again! I did a lot of DIY projects for my wedding and it’s so beautiful to see all the love put into that special day!

  • Congratulations! Everything looks wonderful, and it could not have been better without DIY. I think everything I saw about your wedding showed who you really are.

  • Congratulations Emma and Trey! And to everybody to help that beautiful wedding happened. I have been following the wedding weekend via instagram and enjoying everything like it was one of my closest’s friends wedding haha! I wish you all the happiness, enjoy your honey and can’t wait for all the pictures!

  • I’m getting married in 12 days, in what has become a very DIY event, supported by friends and family. I know exactly how you feel! It’s so meaningful to spend time with those you love, creating your special day!

    Congratulations and best wishes! Every photo I’ve seen from your day so far has been nothing short of stunning!

  • that little video made me cry 🙁 awww! 😀 i love DIY i had a diy wedding and it was awesome! i did almost everything on my own, my mom made my ALL the food and i even made my own cake! i agree it makes the day THAT much more special. happy honeymoon! xoxo

  • I love this!!! Congratulations!!! Do you mind if i share the video on my blog & spread the word of DIY & of course a beautiful mess? xxx

  • beautiful! i DIY’d most of my wedding too (mostly due to budget limitations) and you are SO right about it making the day even more special and meaningful.


  • I love this for so many reasons, and cannot wait to see more of it! You must have had a magical wedding day, Emma, sharing it with helpful and true friends and an amazing family! Congratulations 🙂

  • You, your family, and friends are so inspiring! Love this video, have fun on your honeymoon 🙂

  • You look beautiful Emma! Congrats to you and Trey! I can totally feel the love that your family and friends have for you two! How amazing it is to have made your wedding day so memorable.



  • En un principio todo parece un tanto “excéntrico” pero después de tanto tiempo siguiendo tu blog primero en solitario y ya conjuntamente con Elsie todo es una muestra mas de tu autenticidad y eso es muy hermoso.
    Mi deseo para ti y Trey es que esto se acreciente con el paso del tiempo. Mucho Amor <3

  • congratulations! the video is cute and diy really makes things more special. the wedding dress is so beautiful and i love the bike photo! 🙂 x

  • I love this message! There are so many beautiful DIY projects online these days but not as much talk about WHY they are so important and how much they add to life! Yay for starting the conversation and for creativity!

    All of your projects are so lovely! Congrats on your wedding!


  • Congrats on getting married! I did a lot of stuff myself for our wedding, and it was great to see it all in action and realize that I MADE a lot of it. It was so much more than just a ceremony – it was months of hard work to create the perfect day of celebrating!

  • CONGRATULATIONS! amazing work, beautiful words. Enjoy the new chapter in your lives. Wish you the best 🙂

  • This little video is so cute!And your wedding dress is amazing, you look stunning!
    I’m a huge follower and fan of you girls, ABM is a happy place for me and it’s an everyday inspiration.

    Thank you so much for this blog and for sharing all the great things you do with us.

    Have fun in Switzerland! : )

  • I couldn’t agree more! All of the amazing energy people coming together to create, well creates, is reason enough to DIY anything. Your wedding day goes so fast, but all of the preparation and planning is half the fun. We did it all ourselves and I can’t imagine it any other way…

    Big congrats!

  • Only you two could look so fabulous biking in your wedding outfits. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

    Your blog has inspired me to start DIY projects, something that I used to fear! Creativity comes from everywhere, but a lot of my creative inspiration comes from you two and your blog. Thank you!


  • Those bike photos are my favorite! The joy on both of your faces… I can tell this was a beautiful and spectacular day and I can’t wait to read more about it!

    x dotti dee

  • That dress is so fantastic. This is DIY at its very best. Well done!

    P.S. – What software do you use to edit your videos? (I love that, too!)

  • Congratulations on getting married. The bikes are adorable and every little thing you’ve and everyone have done for the preparations.

  • wow. Major props for all that you did DIY for your wedding! I LOVE your dress- it’s so beautiful. Look forward to hearing more about your prep and your big day!! But for now, go relax with your new hubby!!! 🙂

  • LOVE this! My favorite weddings to shoot are the ones where there’s been a lot of DIY work done. They’re so special. Can’t wait to see more photos from your big day!

  • Congratulations! You and Trey are such a cute couple together! I loved following your wedding on Instagram and wish you both the very best. I think all the handmade details to your wedding are priceless and it’s something we’ve lost on our instantaneous society. Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding!

    Love, Bethany

  • Wow! DIY is the way to go and I’m doing the exact same! I get married in 2 weeks and watching your short video it brought a tear to my eye! You looked beautiful and Elsie did an amazing job of your dress 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more videos and photos from your big day!! Have a wonderful honeymoon Emma & Trey!

    Much love
    Lulu xx


  • I really liked your video and love how you did everything yourself, can’t wait to see more pics!

  • Congrats again Emma and Trey and seriously loved the wedding dress and the whole concept. Absolutely fabulous and thank you for sharing with all of us!! 🙂

  • I was obsessed watching your #tremma wedding unfold this weekend. I think I probably speak for a lot of your readers (even though I shouldn’t) but it was so much fun seeing The Dress and The Flowers and all that gold. Loved it! Loved it so stinkin’ much!

  • Super nice wedding dress! And very good idea to make pics in the bikes

  • Amazing post emma!! I love you guys and hope my wedding would be half as creativ as yours. Your blog inspires me daily and its that one small thing that i wait for every day. Kisses and Mazal Tov from israel

  • Congratulations. It was beautiful… I TOTALLY get what you mean about DIY weddings. Mine was the same. Pretty much every detail was handmade. It made that day even more unforgettable. Yay! Can’t wait for pics 🙂

  • Awwww how sweet. I’ve always wanted a sister.. you guys’ relationship is probably the sweetest thing in this world. Kudos to that. 🙂

  • This is a really lovely + inspiring post! I love all your videos, they always make me smile! thank you for sharing and look forward to seeing all the photos of your beautiful wedding 🙂 xoxo

  • I absolutely loved your explanation! DIY is about all the memories. Thanks for sharing! Also, Emma should design wedding dresses as well. I’d buy one 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You guys are so beautiful. Can’t wait to see more pics and I hope you have a wonderful trip. Totally agree with your DIY sentiment – it is like life: the journey is just as meaningful as what you end up with. Congratulations. And Elsie, the dress is really beautiful.

  • You made my day! It is such a great feeling to see you with all the love that a DiY project adds to every single thing! 🙂

  • I love it!! 🙂 I can’t wait to DIY my own wedding some day. 😀 So unique!!! I love your dress :

  • This post is so perfect and speaks to my creative soul. Thank you for always making the extra effort to remind us how fun and special it is to take the time to do it yourself. Congrats Emma! So happy for you!

  • I love this peek of your wedding Emma – your dress is beautiful. I’m planning my wedding for next year, with a lot of diy and lots of people tell me I’m nuts. And I couldn’t quite articulate why I wanted to diy – so thank you for putting it into words for me <3

  • Wow have been a reader for a little while I felt compelled to comment and say well done, what a beautiful wedding and the fact that you DIY the affair makes it so much more special, and special for us to look at. Such an inspiration than yiu so much for sharing. Love the video clip too, may you have a very happy marriage together…

  • Congratulations, Emma! Love your wedding dress! And the video is super cute – thanks for reminding us all of why DIY is so great!

  • This weekend one of our Swedish princesses got married (to an American!) and it has been covered in media and almost impossible to miss. But I did, I forgot about it, but I remembered yours and looked forward to seeing pictures and from what I’ve now seen of both I would rather have been at yours! So beautiful! Congratulations!

  • I’m so excited to see these pictures & how wonderful your guys day was! You both look great and I adore the fact you loved the diy aspects so much. Congrats to the moon & hope you have fun on your honeymoon- can’t wait to see more from the ceremony and party!!

  • I think if someone can, they should DIY as much of their wedding as possible. A wedding is supposed to be a super personal experience and DIY just makes it that much more near & dear to you.

    xo Ashley

  • Wow! My husband and I rode bikes to and from our wedding (this April). It was my absolute favourite part of the day!! And the photos will hopefully look as amazing as yours. I agree the DIY really made our day so special. It was really “us”. Unfortunately we have no family in our city so it was mostly done by us. My advice – If you take in DIY don’t try to do too much and end up stressed out and tired on the day. Congratulations Emma all the best for married life.

  • I love the video. I also didn’t know that Elsie designed your dress. How beautiful! Have fun on your honeymoon!


    (and bride! and groom!)

    how awesomely inspirational that you DIY’ed everything.

    now please more pix of the dress!

  • Yeyy for DIY can’t wait to see more! Also yey for being married – congratulations! And how did I never realise you have the coolest voice ever, feel free to make audio tapes!

  • I love your dress Emma! Good work ABM team!

    I always forget you guys have accents when reading your blog! And then I watch a video and it’s like ‘oh yeah! we don’t sound the same!’ hahaha

    Love, Ngaio xx

  • We had a pretty DIY wedding and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It felt so much more special being so hands on with our big day. The elements that weren’t DIY were done on a tight budget, but everything came together beautifully. I hope you remember those special little details for always. Congrats!

  • The more of you that you put into it, the more special it feels. That’s how my wedding was for me. I wouldn’t change one thing about it. It sounds like yours was perfect.

    And your dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Such a sweet video! I’m so excited to DIY as much of my wedding as possible (my biggest one is I’m making my wedding cake, everyone thinks this is totally bonkers) because I love the idea of making something ours. I’m so impressed by that wedding dress!
    Congratulations again!

  • Thank you for letting us be a part of this special event – even in the small little ways! Congrats!!
    – Sarah

  • Congratulations! Everything looks like it was lovely and having it DIY makes it all extra special since there’s so much love put into it. The photo of you and your husband (!) on the bikes is too cute for words!

    Ladyface Blog

  • Emma- I love your blonde hair!!! And you have a beautiful voice! God Bless!!!

  • AWW Emma, I actually got teary eyed. Haha, maybe that’s weird, but I am a long-time reader, and am just very happy for you. The video was wonderful. So many special memories between you and your loved ones 🙂 DIY has become more and more important in my life as well – there is something really gratifying about making something yourself.

    Congratulations again! And enjoy your honeymoon! <3

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

  • Gorgeous video and photos, and I agree so wholeheartedly – when I get married (if I do) I want to DIY because I want to share everything with those I care about. I don’t want it to just be a huge commercial celebration, but something meaningful, loving, and that demonstrates how a new marriage is intertwined with the other people we care about.

    Have an awesome time on your honeymoon!

  • You look gorgeous, Emma!!! I love your dress and the bike photos 🙂 SO CUTE! Congratulations


  • Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing a beautiful moment in your life!

  • You are a stunning and radiant bride. Your fellow is one lucky man. Great shot with the bikes. Your wedding gown is dazzling beyond belief. Your DIY wedding is magical.

  • Fab video..thanks for sharing.You look amazing and your dress is beautiful and it’s so nice that you and your family made your day unique.Have a wonderful honeymoon both of you, Beverley (Brighton, England) x

  • You looked stunning Emma. Everything looked perfect from the dress to the hair. Congrats to you and Trey

  • Thanks to Emma and abeautifulmess team to uplift our DIY passion and to positively effect so many of us. Congrats Emma & Trey!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! You looked stunning!! I absolutely love DIY weddings!!! (Mine was a DIY destination wedding) And I totally agree with you: those preparations, those moments, that love… that’s priceless. I can’t wait to see more details!! (Already seen a few on instagram and loved them!!)

  • Ah I love this dress and I love that you guys commited so much to DIY and that it was able to make your wedding more memorable..congratulations Emma! By the way, it’s slightly surreal to match a voice to a face after following this blog for a few years now 🙂

  • Your dress is so AMAZING, I almost can´t believe it!
    Congratulations to you and Trey from Germany!

  • Your wedding wouldn’t have been totally you without DIY…I think that’s one of the thing the characterized you the best, putting your creativity in your daily life, home and clothing…quite normal to do it on that kind of very special day!

  • Congratulations! You two are such a cute couple. The dress is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job, Emma! And I definitely know what you mean about DIY. Some of the best wedding memories I had were working on DIY projects with my husband and family. It makes it so much more personal!

  • That dress is amazing and you look so beautiful in it! The diy element definitely makes it more special! Congrats to you and Trey!! Looking forward to see more pics! 🙂

  • I am so inspired by this post and now look forward to a DIY wedding myself 🙂 I think DIY is absolutely worth it and your guests will definitely remember your wedding. Your dress is amazing… What a creative bunch you are!
    Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon!

  • So nice to start seeing videos and to hear your lovely voices 🙂 What a special day & that dress is to die for, how special. New business Elsie? 😉 Congrats

  • I love this! I have contemplating making my own wedding dress and never considered the wonderful memories I’d make designing and creating it. Thanks & congrats!

  • Congratulations! What a fun time in life! I have to agree, diy is super fun and meaningful for me too. My mother in law made my wedding dress and me, my sister in law and my husband all worked on a part of decorating it and I feel so blessed to have had them support us (especially me) in that way!

  • Beautiful and so meaningful! I love DIY and those that don’t can have their own opinion, but I agree with you that it adds a whole new layer of meaning and fulfillment than just purchasing something. It also gives a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. Not to mention that you then have one-of-a-kind creations, even if you copied or were inspired by something else.

  • Oh my god congratulations!!! you guys looked gorgeous!! Loved the dress. I hope you guys have a wonderful honeymoon and best of luck in this new adventure, your love story is beautiful, congratulations again

  • Everything looks so wonderful and like so much fun. If one day I’m going to marry, it’s also going to be DIY.
    Congrats to you two, have fun on the honeymoon!!

  • Your dress is amazing ! I can’t see the video yet but the picture on bikes is overcute.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! You look amazing and this video is perfect! I’d love to DIY my wedding too someday, I’m sure nothing can replace the feeling of sharing such memories with your friends and family.
    I can’t wait to see all the photos!
    Have fun on your honeymoon and I wish you both lots of love and happiness in your life! 🙂

  • You guys are fantastic. I’m totally inspired to have a DIY wedding! And I may have cried a little bit at the video, too 🙂

    Jordan Noel

  • This is gorgeous! The video was amazing. I love how much DIY you did for your wedding. In an ideal world, this would be the way my wedding works out.

    However, I am significantly less crafty than you two and have lots of un-crafty friends. Time to get learning I suppose!

  • This is so sweet :’) Much congratulations to Tremma! I hope you both have a great life together <3

  • Congratulations ! You look really beautiful in your dress (amazing !).

  • Your dress is soo beautiful and truly unique! You look gorgeous in it!
    Elsie (and all the helping hands) did a fantastic job!

  • I’m new to your blog, having recently found out you’re a blog and not just the photography app (which I love, too, btw). I love DIY, and that was such a nice, sweet video to share!


    Rebecca @ Love at First Book

  • Congratulations on the next chapter in your life! May it be filled with happiness and lots and lots of love.
    PS: LOVE your dress! Such an inspiration <3

  • Enjoy you honeymoon! I love the idea of DIY wedding and can’t wait to hear more and see all the photos! xx

  • Hi Emma, thanks for sharing so much with us about your life in this post. I love your defense of DIY and I agree, it makes special occasions even more special. I would add that in today’s throwaway society, DIY is actually also good in a practical sense, especially when we make something new from the old scraps that would otherwise end up in a landfill. I am so inspired by your blog and am venturing into some DIY projects on a blog of my own, in the spirit of sustainability. Check me out if ever you get a chance!

  • CONGRATS!!! but its so strange hearing your voice on film when I’ve been reading your words in my head in an english accent (cause I’m english) xxx

  • For some reason I didn’t expect your voice to sound like that, it’s so beautiful though! You sound like you’d be good at reading story books to kids, as strange as that sounds! Your wedding was beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest of the photos 🙂

  • I have so much respect for brides that have DIY elements at there weddings – with all of the other things you have to worry about, I give kudos to those who become involved with the design and execution! love the wedding video btw xo


  • oh goodness that is a beautiful dress, would you be able to do a tutorial?

  • I totally agree that DIY can add another layer of meaning to something. My husband and I made each others wedding rings. Whenever I look at my ring I am taken back to those same strong and excited feelings from just before we got married. I’m a jeweler, but this was his first time ever working with metal. Teaching my husband-to-be a new skill also became a very special memory.
    You wedding looks like it was so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  • I’m so delighted to finally hear your voice, Emma! It’s so much cuter than I expected it to be. Congratulations to you and Trey. You look so lovely!!! Elsie and you are my inspiration.

  • I am so happy you delighted in the blog post! A few of those wreath concepts are so charming, it’s difficult to pick simply one to make! Hahah. As well as your welcome for sharing, delighted you are appreciating my web content

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