Why I love Bloglovin’


Hi there! I wanted to do a quick little post about the wonders of Bloglovin' for any readers out there who haven't given it a try. It's a great simple tool for keeping up with all your favorite blogs. When I first heard about it, I wondered if it was the same as Google Reader (which I no longer use because it became overwhelming). Here's why I like Bloglovin'… It's much simpler and quicker for me to use. Instead of scrolling through all the posts you get a quick title, photo and opening paragraph for each post. That way it's easier to find the posts that you want to read. Here's what the layout looks like…


The other thing I LOVE is that when you click though to read a full post it takes you to the actual blog. I like seeing the banner, sidebars etc since that is also something that bloggers put a lot of work into. This also gives the blogger 'views' that help support them even if you don't leave comments. You can also 'like' favorite posts as a way to bookmark them for later. I honestly feel like using Bloglovin' has saved me tons of time already and I've started following some gorgeous new blogs that I might not have bumped into otherwise. Give it a try! XO. elsie 


  • can you import your favorite blogs from google reader into bloglovin?

    Looks cool! I love reading the blogs on their actual site, that’s the one thing I hate about google reader.

  • i think this will work so much better than google reader. thanks for sharing, i’m off to get started on some bloglovin’.

  • i’m a bloglovin’ addict. seriously. since i have my own blog, it’s been a lifesaver to quickly find and read through other sites that my peeps suggest.

    i love it and my addiction doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon. i even follow YOU through it!


  • emily, i don’t know if you can ‘import’ them, but i just copied and pasted. it was good for me to do a little bit of Spring cleaning anyway and weed out the blogs in my Google Reader that have become inactive etc…. XO

  • I discovered bloglovin the other day and instantly organized all the blogs I follow. It is A.W.E. – awesome!!!

  • i absolutely LOVE bloglovin! I also like it because some blogs don’t have a ‘follow’ button & I can easily copy&paste in bloglovin’. Genius!


  • I use bloglovin and absolutely love it for the same reasons. I tried Google Reader but like you said, seeing the blog design is something I really appreciate.


  • I looove bloglovin. I turned my boyfriend onto it, except I think he feels a little awkward using it since it’s mostly fashion based and he’s always the only person adding his motorcycle-related blogs. Oh well, it’s too handy to pass up!

  • I just started using bloglovin and I have been using Google Reader for a long time now. You make a great point about the fact that you actually open up the post in the actual blog. I sometimes forget to leave comments when in Google Reader for that reason alone. Have to invest more time into learning bloglovin..thnks

  • I sooo have to start using bloglovin! Thanks for the tip! 😉 Hearts, Janna lynn…maybe I could even get added to your bloglovin..woot woot! Hearts, janna lynn

  • I love BlogLovin’ too! It’s the only way I can keep up with all my favorite blogs…and the clean, simple interface makes it so easy to use! 🙂

  • ha, you will never believe this elsie…yesterday i jotted a note in my book to do a blog post on bloglovin’ and why i love it. were you peeking over my shoulder? 🙂 i guess i won’t do that post now, haha! isn’t it the best?!

  • Um – THANKYOU. I had never checked out BlogLovin and your post has convinced me to switch from Google Reader – I hate Google Reader.
    And I love the followthisblog on bloglovin button.
    I’m gonna grab that one for my blog!

    Thanks again!

    stitch rabbit

  • i completely agree! my blogs are seperated into two categories… bloglovin’ = AWESOME must reads and yahoo reader = lazy sunday afternoon reading. guess which category you’re in? 😉

  • I love bloglovin’. I never used google reader or anything else, so I have nothing to compare it to… but I really couldn’t do without it. And I love their new mobile version too. It makes it so easy to find and read my favorite blogs on the go.

  • I LOVE Bloglovin’! I am addicted. It’s one of the things I check every single time I get on the internet. I agree on the Google Reader being overwhelming. Blovlovin’ is so much easier and I love the way it’s set up 🙂

  • I LOVE Bloglovin’ too! It is so much easier to see who’s written a new blog that day rather than opening 13908395 tabs and slowing everything down.

  • Bloglovin is the only way I read my blogs! I love it! I even got my mother in law hooked! haha…

  • I also love that you can mark some of the blogs as read right there. It is a great tool and the best way to read blogs. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  • i agree! i too made the switch from reader to bloglovin (using it right now to read your posts)… although if you have a mac (i know you do) they have a “google reader” app now that is silmilar now to bloglovin with the full page view and etc. (i too like to get the full effect of the banner and ads and etc.)


  • Wait, you found Google Reader overwhelming? Do you understand how to use Google Reader? The content presented by it is entirely dependent on you.

  • Great tool you got there. I really love it and I’ve tried using it. The service is good and better. Thanks for featuring it in your blog. I really appreciate the job well done. More power and keep the brilliant ideas pouring.

  • You’re so right, Bloglovin is so much more user friendly! I had to manually copy over all the urls so an automatic transfer of blogs from another reader would be good but it didn’t take that long. Being able to see the first image from a blog post with the first paragraph makes it so much more appealing. I never got round to clicking through to the actual blog and instead read everything in the reader, so I’m glad it now makes me go to the actual blog which is much more interesting and prettier to read. Thanks!

  • I actually discovered bloglovin through THIS lovely blog! I’ve only been blogging for about a week and a half. I never really thought that I could do it because I was intimidated by the idea, but you and bloglovin have inspired me to just go for it!

  • Ah! I love Bloglovin’!

    It’s such a time saver and everything is organized. I used to save my favorite blogs in a folder under my favorites but that soon became too overwhelming and I’d lose track of what blogs I’d read. It’s simply an amazing tool <3

    I recently connected my blog to Bloglovin' so I don't have any followers yet, but you can find me here: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/1957958/morethandynamic

  • I have a fan and a follower of this site. I do appreciate the kind of blog post they are sharing. This is indeed a great site. In addition, this is a worthwhile experience reading this one. I have learned a lot from using the Bloglovin as a tool. I have to say that this is efficient and effective as well.

  • I’m trying out bloglovin’, but I’ll be honest. I think I may stick with my current reader, Netvibes. It allows me to see the website view (sidebars, banners and all) on the same page without having to open up new pages/tabs. Plus I can use the feed view to skim things if I want to, I get pretty skins and I can organize things like crazy.

    So many of the blogs I read offer great links, etc. that I already open new tabs for those things. So while I love the setup of bloglovin’, I only wish I didn’t have to open a whole new tab/window to view the actual blog page.

  • Bloglovin is great! I’m always up to date with my favorite blogs, and i give them lots of love with the ‘like’ button 😉

  • I’ve signed up for Bloglovin’ ages ago, but I’ve never really used it properly. I was sucked up by Google Reader despite its flaws. I’m giving it a second chance now and the good news is that you can actually load the pages that you already follow from Google reader to Bloglovin’. It’s an easy process!
    Thanks Elsie for pointing it out to the world! <3

  • Els ~ you little genius. This is just what I need. I follow a lot blogs and use Google Reader everyday but, like you said, it gets overwhelming. I can’t wait to see if this helps me out. Thanks for posting.

    Btw, I use Evernote (free) software every day also to clip interesting things I see. It’s like my little computer scrapbook journal. You should check it out.

  • Wow, I was just thinking about bloglovin’ the other day and how other people found it worked for them. Thanks for sharing, Elsie.

  • i think this is amazing. they should make an iphone app for this website as well!!!!

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  • I’m technically signed up with them, but have never really poked around in there to actually read things. I prefer G.Reader myself, but it’s nice to hear that some people actually prefer B.Lovin. I’ll have to make sure to have my BL subscribe button more available!

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