Why is February so short?



February flew by in a blink of an eye! It was an incredible month full of lovely things, music + fashion and making this special video lookbook… oh yes, and launching our new website and vintage lookbook. Here's my favorite outfit from this month. ♥


PS. I'm suuuuuper excited about the new features we're working on for March! We have a sporty girl getting a vintage makeover for Makeover Story, a bunch of fresh spring style features and some pretty spring recipes too! Can't wait. 

  • It really did fly by so fast!!!

    What a special month indeed for RV, congrats on all the beautiful accomplishments. <3

  • eeek im going to check out everything you linked, i guess i am behind on your blog! thanks for the reminder

    <3 steffy

  • It’s been an amazing month for you guys, you must be so proud. I’m just starting the Indie Business course and it is really inspiring to see your creative independent business growing and growing.

    Looking forward to the sporty girl makeover – I need that in my life

  • What an exciting month for you and RVA…i hope that the coming months bring you just as much excitement and success! Like i said before…i would be more than happy to volunteer for one of your makeover stories (a makeover for the plus size girl who hardly wears dresses) i’m just a couple hours away!!! (O;
    have a lovely day Elsie!

  • I just wanted to put in a request for a makeover story! Doesn’t even have to be on me. I’d love to see someone dress in vintage clothes with a modern twist–that is, how do you take those cute mod dresses, but accessorize them so they don’t look costumey?

  • Elsie, we were talking about the shortness of Feb at work the other day. Why don’t we just get rid of a couple of 31st and make most of the months 30 days.. surely makes some sense.

    BTW I’m very sad about your dresses… my bust is just a bit too big, I really wanted the picnic dress – I think it was that one, one that would suit a pregnant body, but alas, waiting on post breastfeeding shrinkage… hahaha

  • I just don’t know where February went this year. I blinked. And in a few short hours, she’s gone for the year!

  • ELSIE! you’ve made my year 🙂 thank you for your sweet letter and goodies responding to the drawing I sent you!! You’re amazing <3 I'm so flattered that you would put it in your studio! Honestly, super happy. Thanks again 🙂 Stay sweet and pretty!

  • February really flew by! It’s already march here in Aus & i’m sure it’s going to be a great month!
    It’s been great to see how much you achieved this month – congrats on the new website & the dress line 🙂

  • I’ve been a loyal reader for quite a while now. I love your blog and your store so much. I hope to have the knowledge & courage to follow your model and have a shop of my own someday in the Chicago area.

    Keep up the fantastic work! I love the updates and I’m really looking forward to the new dress line going on sale!

  • I love that February is short because that means my birthday (early March) is sooner! 😉

    Love your new dress line – so beautiful and fun!

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