Why Not? Downloadable Art Print

0I0B4944Hey, friends! Today we have something a little different for you. We are working with DOVE Chocolate to collaborate on a fun project that we are super excited to share! DOVE’s new Choose Pleasure campaign is all about taking those little moments to reflect and push yourself to live life fully. We took one of their current PROMISES messages (found inside each individually wrapped chocolate) and created this sweet print around the message, “Why not?”

See what I did there? It’s a really sweet print. 🙂

0I0B4916One thing I love about the message, “Why not?” is it can mean a lot of different things depending on your situation or what you are going through in life right now. To me, it conjures up a lot of ideas around giving myself permission to try things, maybe even new things. I know sometimes I get into a place, at work or in my creative life, where I want to play it safe. But then something comes my way, a new challenge, or something that I just haven’t done before, and although I might be interested, I also think that maybe I should just stick to what I know.

But then I try to think, “Why not?” Why not try that new thing? Why not accept the challenge of a new opportunity? Sometimes the only thing standing in my way is myself. Have you ever felt that? For example, one thing I’ve been thinking on lately is that I really enjoy speaking. Like getting up in front of a group of people and sharing some aspect of my life or journey. I’ve only done it less than a handful of times, but it’s something that interests me that I haven’t pursued much because it was just kind of “outside of the box.” But then I realized, why not try it? Why not see if I can get better at this thing? Why not learn more about it and pursue it a bit more? And so, I’m giving myself permission to try something new, and challenging myself to grow in this area. I have no idea where it’s going to go, and I don’t really have any big expectations. I’m simply saying, why not? 🙂

DesktopBackgroundMobileBackgroundI’m curious what you all think. What does the phrase “Why not?” make you think of?

And if you need a little sweet inspiration in your life, you can download this art print and print it to hang in your home or office, use on your desktop, or even add as your phone background. It can just be pretty decor, or it can serve as a gentle little reminder to go ahead and ask yourself why not?  xo. Emma

8×10 Wall Print

Mobile Background

Desktop Background

Credits // Author and print photography: Emma Chapman. Other photography: Laura Gummerman. 

  • Why Not: Makes me think of Hillary Duff’s song hahaha!
    (Guilty Pleasure)

  • You should join the Toastmasters Group, Emma! My dad is part of one, and really enjoys the opportunity to meet others that enjoy public speaking. I only wish I enjoyed public speaking…that’s a good skill to have for so many things!

  • Love this! We all need a reminder that sometimes we should just reach for the metaphorical and actual chocolate/try a new idea. See what I did there? Following your footsteps 🙂 Already made this print my desktop backdrop?

    I think you would be a natural speaker based on the dialogue you’ve illustrated here. If you ever go on a book tour or do a TED style talk, count me in that audience!

  • Ooh, love it! And it’s such a great, short, motivational quote.

    – Charmaine

  • added it to my rotating desktop pictures! reminds me that i can try anything i want 😀

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