Why Snapchat Matters AND Also Doesn’t Matter

Why Snapchat matters AND doesn't matterIt’s been more than six months since I’ve been active on Snapchat, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my observations and opinions about the platform. MANY of my friends have recently asked me if it’s really worth signing up for, and my short answer is yes AND no. I mean, I don’t think it’s going to ruin anybody’s career if they don’t use Snapchat. But I also think it’s been worth my time for a couple of unexpected reasons. I’ll explain…


Snapchat matters because it’s different. It really fills in the gaps that are missing from other social media. Instagram is still my very favorite, but I like Snapchat because I get to see a very different side of people and they get to see a different side of me!

The thing I enjoy about it (and what I’ve most often heard that others enjoy) is that the content is NOT curated and it’s not picture perfect. You can’t upload photos, so (besides using the hilarious filters that are included with the app) you cannot over edit photos. It just is what it is.

There are many people who I follow on there who I’ve followed on other media, and I feel like I love them so much more because of Snapchat. For certain people (especially those with HIGHLY curated blog or Instagram feeds), you get to see a different side, and that can be really fun! I also follow a few of my favorite brands, and I really enjoy those as well because there will be sneak peeks, videos inside their offices – fun things like that!

In short, Snapchat matters because it’s a way to get to see the candid side of people you enjoy following.

 Why Snapchat matters AND doesn't matterSo, if you haven’t used Snapchat yet, you might only know this one fact – everything you post disappears in 24 hours. What I’ve learned is that this is what keeps it really fresh and random!

At first I didn’t want to use Snapchat because it bothered me that it would disappear. I LOVE looking back on my really old Instagram posts, even when they are embarrassing. So I didn’t want to put my time into posting on something that was always disappearing.

But now that I’ve used it for six months, I can say that this is what makes the platform REALLY GOOD.

The 24-hour reset means there is zero point in scrutinizing over every single post. Elaborate, fine-tuned strategies like people use on Instagram are basically useless on Snapchat, and I kind of love that! No matter how much effort you put into making some kind of cute post, it will be gone in 24 hours… which I really feel is what keeps the whole platform fun and effortless!

I never plan any of my Snapchat posts, and I feel like it’s just SO EASY to keep up with. I think that effortless vibe is what makes it really special.

My takeaway from using Snapchat is while it’s not as useful from a business perspective as our blog and Instagram accounts are, it’s a very FUN way to connect with our readers. I have most often used my account to post half-finished home updates and progress of our renovations that for whatever reason weren’t finished enough to be here on the blog or weren’t photogenic enough for Instagram. It’s been really fun to have a no-pressure space to share all that stuff!

In short, Snapchat doesn’t matter because it deletes your posts every day (which keeps crazy over-thinkers like me from over-thinking anything… yay!).

SnapchatThese pics above are from last weekend when I visited Missouri and on Christmas day when I was giving a mini tour of my grandparent’s house. :))

If you’re curious to know how to use Snapchat, watch our friend Alison’s video. It’s very helpful.

Oh! And if you want to follow my Snapchat, my username is @elsielarson. Emma doesn’t have an account, but she’s in my snaps a lot when we travel together. 🙂 Have a great day!! Elsie

  • I love your snapchat!! I agree that one of my favorite things about snapchat is seeing some of my favorite bloggers or people that I follow elsewhere in a mostly unfiltered setting. It makes me love them so much more seeing that they are normal people doing normal stuff.

    I’m a snapchat novice for sure–I just figured out the face filter things this week! But now I’m a changed woman haha!

  • Yes snapchat is a way to connect with readers for sure, and it’s a way for readers to send easy little notes to the people they follow, it’s one more connection. It was fun to know that you love Gainsbourg and Birkin while chatting and I’m not sure our conversation would have interested anybody that probably don’t know them lol. Love your snapchat! It’s a fun way to see all your house update before anybody!!

  • I love Snapchat for those reasons especially! I’ve just added your snap there! x

    – Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  • I feel like I have so learned your funny, witty sense of humor via snapchat!

  • I post for my only two followers but it’s fun ?
    (I’m desolate00 if you wandering)

  • I got it and wound up deleting it a little over a month later, mainly because I got annoyed by the complete lack of curation by some people. It was fun to see some spontaneous behind the scenes moments, yes. But depending on who you follow (especially when it comes to friends and family!), it really sucked to see constant mundane pics and videos that were so poorly shot/lit, and know they they could tell whether you had seen them or not. I found myself getting annoyed with people I love!
    Basically, if you’re going to go on it, be careful who you follow (even more so than on Instagram and Facebook), and maybe give at least a little thought to how much you would enjoy looking at whatever it is that you’re sending to people. No one needs a play by play of your average day, every day.
    Obviously this is completely different if you’re doing it from a blogging or business standpoint!

  • I’ve been debating about whether or not to add in yet another social media effort … so this was really helpful. Thanks! : )

  • Love following you on Snapchat! It’s a great way to get a better sense of people’s personalities and actually hear their voices vs. just reading their words. Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Snapchat? I think that’s the only part I don’t like, it’s really hard to find people to follow.

  • I agree with everything you said! I love that I get more of a personal behind the scenes feel of the bloggers I follow.

  • Thought it might be fun to give it a shot so I downloaded Snapchat. We’ll see how it goes. And btw I notice there is now another app for Snapchat filters.

  • Love your snapchat Elsie! I’m always looking for more people to follow – Who are some people you would recommend following?

  • Snapchat is so fast and easy so I love it for that, and it’s what I use with my pals nowadays most so that’s fun too 🙂 your snapchat game is strong Elsie!

  • Thanks for the post Elsie! I too love the spontaneity of Snapchat over the curated styling on Instagram. Instagram would have to be my favourite platform but even I (with my whopping 100 followers) obsess over lighting and styling. Snapchat is my little after work treat.
    Keep up the fun snaps xx

  • Yeah! I felt that way before I made mine public too (I had a private one for a year before but I basically just used it to talk to Katie all day). I will say that it takes up BARELY ANY time. It’s very easy to maintain and the stakes are low.
    xx- Elsie

  • I agree! It is really hard to find people! Some of my favorites are jengotch, gerihirsch, chrissyteigen, itsgwenstefani, jeffmindell, studiodiy, love.taza and thealisonshow.

    🙂 xx- Elsie

  • Totally! I love Insta more because I LIKE styled photos and I love being challenged in photography… but with that said- everyone appreciates a place that’s low maintenance and just-for-fun!!

    xx- Elsie

  • I completely agree! I love and hate snapchat at the same time, it’s unique and quick to go with the fast paced way of the modern life I feel. At the same time I really dislike some of the filters, I think it takes the originality out of peoples posts as all you see a lot of the time is selfies with filters on them (although I do like it when they put filters on statues and things like that, ha)

    I used to be more of a snapchat addict and people would complain about me always being on there but I think it’s cool and I like it. I think I need to get on there more again.


  • I can’t keep up with all those social medias to be honest. I have Facebook, instagram and twitter (but I only use this one to follow interesting people, I don’t say anything myself). I wouldn’t see a use for Snaphat plus, most of my friends barely use social medias (we’re all in our early to mid-thirties strangely enough). I mean 2 of my friends don’t even have facebook (which makes things really difficult when organizing events). But at least now I know what Snapchat is 😉

  • I love your snaps! You’re definetly my favorite person to follow. Your sneak peaks are rad and I love getting to see another side of you. I feel like snapchat makes people more relatable than those polished perfect instagram photos- I love those too but snapchat makes you feel like a friend 🙂

  • I can honestly say that your Snapchat has made me come to the blog A LOT more! It was also the sole reason I purchased A Color Story & some other products from ABM business ventures. Since seeing the fun, quirky side to you (& Laura – love her stories too) I have become a loyal ABM reader. Like, religious!

    Personally, I feel as though Instagram has become so over-curated that I do not trust it & am no longer inspired by it. Most accounts (not yours!) just seem SO fake and always trying to subtly promote stuff or incite FOMO/envy. I just don’t like it as much anymore and tend to only follow close friends.

    Trust me, Snapchat has major value for businesses. It’s just so much more REAL. The value may be more subtle than other platforms, but it builds real loyalty and true connections with followers. Keep up the snappin’ Elsie! 🙂

  • I have been wondering ALL these things! I joined a while back because you and other blogger/instagrammers I like were all spending more time over there. It is sort of fun to get the unedited candid version of things, but it’s the impermanence that I just don’t get!? Especially from you and other bloggers who have so meticulously documented your lives with blogging and scrapbooking, aren’t you sad to loose all your cute photos and videos at the end of the day? It’s like loosing your phone!?!

  • You were in my city! Eeeee!!! Sorry, that’s my biggest outtake from this post. Haha! I used SnapChat but I realized that I kept posting the exact same photos and I didn’t feel very productive, so I stopped. I also got tired of seeing the exact same photos/videos that my friends were doing. This was a while ago though, so maybe it’s changed since then!

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