Wickman’s Garden Village: Places We Love

I Love MumsI Love MumsI Love MumsThese past few seasons Emma and I have really fallen in love with plants! We've enjoyed slowly adding them to our homes and learning about all the different varieties. I recently started visiting Wickman's and it's become a rotating local stop. They have so many pretty plants and flowers. I recently picked up a bunch of mums for my front porch! We Love PlantsWe Love PlantsWe Love PlantsWe started out our plant obsession by buying cute little succulents and cacti. Recently, we've been picking up more air-purifying house plants, and we are quickly amassing a pretty good collection! Mum AvenueMum AvenueMum AvenueMum AvenueMum AvenueWe've found that plant shopping is the perfect treat. Today we bought a bunch of snake plants for our office space and my bedroom. Fun! MoccasinsThanks so much for reading! We will be back soon so share more local spots we love. We hope that even if you don't live in our area that these posts will encourage you to seek out fun spots where you live! There's nothing better than loving your hometown. ♥ Elsie + Emma

  • Plants make any place feel more ‘homey’!! And I LOVE Emma’s handbag(what I can see from it). May I ask where it is from?

  • I love visiting nurseries here. I’ve not bought anything for a while because I haven’t yet decided what I want. There’s always so much choice and so many beautiful pants. I also know that when I get them home, if I’m not careful they will soon be beautifying the compost pile!

    Which plants are “air purifying”? What do they do that’s different to other plants? I’d love to know because I wish I could open the windows more but it’s getting really yucky, cold and rainy here now and opening the windows is a sure fire way to waste precious heating and contribute to the death of the environment!

  • Wow, beautiful photographs, Elsie & Emma!



  • Here (in Brisbane, Australia) we call the snake plants Mother in law’s tongue 🙂 the mums look great too.

  • I really, really hope you read this, because I am DYING to know where you got that to-DIE-for leather jacket!!! In love with it. You are styled to perfection, per the usual.

    ashley nicole.

  • In Brasil we use that plant that you bought for protection. People say it’s saint Rita’s sword

  • Looks like a fun afternoon! i can’t wait to get back to the states and get some new plants.

  • I love gardens! That looks like such a beautiful place with such nice selections of plants. I blog about plants and gardening a lot, haha. I plan on decorating my future husband and I’s first house with lots and lots of plants!

  • What a fun place! Love the top image.
    This really does inspire me to seek out some of the unique places around my home.


  • I love them too! that seems to be a very nice place for buy looots and loots of plants 🙂


  • Really beautiful!

    It would make my day if someone has a look at my blog!


    xxx lena


  • Beautiful flowers! Elsie, has anyone told you that you remind them of Zoey Deschanel?? x

  • I love cactus and succulents! They remind me of my great grandpa, he had so many when I was little.

  • I have a snake plant that I love, but snake plants are toxic to cats so when we got our kitten the plant got moved to the top of the fridge! Oddly it seems to be thriving up there!

  • Oh my gosh it looks like the most perfect place ever, i love flowers and plants soooooo much i even have artificial grass in my room so these pictures are like heaven to me!

  • These are so pretty! I love flowers too, but it isn’t a good idea to put plants in your bedroom as they give off carbon dioxide at night rather than oxygen, which is very dangerous. xo

  • You two have inspired me 🙂 I love to seek out local treasures now! They are the best!

  • That shop looks so beautiful. I have been wanting to get Mums really bad…maybe I can talk the hubs into going to a flower shop with me. =P

  • you are right, we have amazing places very close and we use to forget them


  • I have always known what you are calling the snake plant as the Mother-in-law’s tongue plant – because it is sharp and pointed!

  • Maria, I am planning to do a full home tour in the early spring. I still have a lot of decorating to do! In the meantime, I plan to share peeks of my house often! You can see a small peek at our porch steps over on my everyday blog! http://www.everydayelsie.com/2012/09/warm-tones.html XO

  • My mom always said of plants that “it’s good to have some company”. Always having fresh flowers or a plant in the room growing up has made me that way in my own apartment. I have a little money set aside every week for it!

  • believe or not? I have the same last plant on your pict, it’s growing and growing time by time..

    really, so gergeous pict as usual.. 🙂

  • Gorgeous photos! Love plants and flowers!


  • The older I get, the more obsessed I am with gardening! I sometimes find it a little frustrating as I’m not as advanced as I’d like to be but I’m getting there! I find that I mainly by succulents as it’s nearly impossible to kill them so they suit me just fine!Rx


  • Beautiful pictures!
    And love your shoes on the last picture!


  • I love those plants – particularly because they’re so easy to grow!!

  • Plants indoors make a home feel home 🙂 Love the snake plants. Gonna look for them on my next shopping round 🙂 you girls are such an inspiration!

  • i had a favourite little nursery before we moved here! they are so lovely i shall have to try & find one here! thankyou for reminding me! loveliest thoughts

  • Cacti are so fun! We have an aloe plant in our dorm room right now, but this post kind of makes me want to turn into a crazy plant lady…


  • When will we get to see the entirety of your new home? Would love to see your porch!

    Maria xx

  • I love visiting gardens – there’s nothing more delicious than the smell of fresh flowers 🙂 Cute pictures, and I love your Minnetonka shoes, Elsie!

  • Plants remind me of my mom! She has such a green thumb! I, on the other hand, could kill a cactus. xo. Deanna

  • I love having a lot of cacti. The little cute ones that help a space look neat!

    I just moved and haven’t found a little cute flower shop or nursery but this post has given me a little push to go out and find one!

  • I love plants! I would love being there! Im also love my hometown and these kind of post are a good evidence that you do 🙂


  • LOVE all the plants – I’m in LOVE with succulents!

    And the Minnetonka Moccasins – I need some! Those are TOO ADORBS!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • JennyOh, the glasses i’m wearing in this are just plastic. You should look at Bonlook, though. I have some from there (and emma has a few pairs) and they are really nice quality! XO

  • So so so true! Sharing ideas really do help/encourage others to seek out the same places in their own hometown. Thanks for giving us these fresh new adventures. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peels for cacti! [P.S. Check out bamboo sticks- they last ages without watering and they’re so fun to watch growing, since they SPIRAL! eeek <3 ]

  • I love decorating with plants too! Succulents are my favorite… even better that they are hard to kill! Looks like you picked up some pretties

  • Love a stroll through the nursery! In the south we call them “mother-in-law tongue.” 🙂

  • Love all of the pretty plants! I can’t wait to get my own place and fill it with plants!!
    xo Heather

  • Here in Queensland, Australia, snake plants are called ‘Mother-in-Law tongues’ – because of the sharp pointy end I guess – lol

  • Love garden centers/nurseries. My mother has worked at them my whole life, literally – there are baby pictures of me among the plants from when she took me to work with her – so I find them very comforting.

    Elsie, I’m curious about your glasses. Are they vintage or…? I’m due for an eye exam and can tell I need a new prescription so I’m in the market for some cat-eye frames.

  • Awesome! Snake plants… Here in Australia we call them Mother-in-law’s tounge!

  • So beautiful! These photos are really inspiring some autumn adventures for me!

    xoxo, Michelle

  • Plants are one of my big loves! This post reminds me of my latest entry on Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, NJ. Lots of lovely cactus and succulent shots 🙂



  • My sister lives by Wickman’s and every time I drive by I always want to make a stop. I haven’t yet but it looks like a great place! Thanks for sharing

  • that first picture makes me want to get into gardening if only to be able to look at that every day!


  • Love the pictures. I recently visited a local garden, and am recognizing many of the plants you have pictured here…

    I have pictures of them on my blog and flickr. =]

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  • I’ve just gotten into plant’s and gardening too! I love it! Every other weekend we’re at the hardware store picking up new plants too. We even name ours! That’s not weird, is it? 😉

  • All these flowers are beautiful. I love garden shopping in cool weather. I love your moccasins, and Elsie’s leather jacket, too. Where did you get it?

  • I love all these plant photos! You’re featuring some really unique and interesting plants from this garden. I especially love all those succulents – they’re so beautiful but totally low maintenance. – Alison { aliology.com }

  • This is just spectacular!!!
    Great pictures girls!!
    You are always amazing!

  • I love those snakes plants, here we call them sanseviera, they were so trendy back in the 70’s and 80’s that people got bored and they stopped using them to decorate interiors, but now they are getting trendy again!

  • Amazing pictures! You should pick up an orchid next time. They are beautiful and very low maintenance. Thanks for sharing!

  • Snake plants last forever. It’ll be nice to see how it’s grown over the years while you’re in your new home.

  • I love plants as well and I can’t wait to go to college in February and buy a some to fill my room 🙂
    This shop looks so nice (I specially loved the “Mum Ave” and “Frankie Lane” sign ♥) I also really reeeally liked the photographs, they are lovely, as always 🙂

  • Elsie, you make me want to get bangs again, but I’m scared of the upkeep. Those moccasins are adorable.

  • I find garden centers to be SOOOO peaceful and rejuvenating. I love working in my garden! 🙂

  • These are amazing! I love a good nursery – we have one close to home that has a great succulent selection (I recently started a collection also!). Your post gives me an itch to go visit again. 🙂


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