Window Ledge Plant Shelf

6U8A6239If you have a window ledge just itching for more plants than it can carry, building some little shelves is an easy way to multiply space. It also gives you a good excuse to go buy more plants!

-wood ripped to 5/8″ x 1 3/8″ (you can modify the dimensions; I had those pieces lying around from another project. Sometimes it’s good to keep wood scraps from other projects; you never know when you can use them for something else!)
-1/2″ dowel rod
-wood glue

-miter saw (or hand saw; these small pieces would be easy to cut)

-paddle bit
-paint or stain


Step One: Cut all of your pieces:
-ten pieces of the 5/8″ x 1 1/2″, 38″ long (shelf pieces)
-eight 1 1/2″ square pieces (spacers)
-four 13″ long pieces (the legs)
-four 5 3/4″ long dowels (I cut them a bit longer than needed so I could sand them down to smooth surface)


6U8A1580Step Two: Measuring and drilling time. This is the most crucial step. If you don’t want any headaches, make sure you measure everything exact so the dowel will go through all the pieces smoothly. Refer to the diagram for hole placement. Go ahead and drill all holes, and sand.

6U8A15846U8A1584Step Three: Lay out the top pieces upside down. You can refer to the diagram for the order. Don’t glue anything yet; make sure the dowel goes through all the pieces on both sides. Repeat for the other shelf (make sure they’re upside down)! Once you’re good to go, take off the end pieces and put glue in the hole and around the end of the dowel. Put the pieces back on, making sure the shelf is straight and square before the glue dries.

6U8A16016U8A16016U8A16016U8A16486U8A1651Step Four: Sand everything nice and smooth. I used scrap wood, so all the pieces weren’t uniform, but I think it turned out fine. All you have left now is to paint/stain it your favorite color(s). You can just leave the wood raw too; do whatever you think will result in the best look in your space. Remember that the measurements can be modified to fit your space.

6U8A1644Building this table was fun, but the super fun part is going to your local nursery and picking out cool plants to put on it!

6U8A62436U8A6266Happy building! -Josh

Credits // Author: Josh Rhodes. Photos: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful project for all the winter gardeners!

    • I only have a 3 to 4 inch window sill. How could I modify this To accommodate my plants. Everything is to wide to go on my narrow window sills.

  • This is gorgeous! I’ve always wanted a ton of little succulents but could think of nowhere to put them all!

  • I think this might be one of the best things you can do with a window. Your solution here looks so stylish and flexible! I’ve done a similar thing in my kitchen window (one of the few windows where my cats are not supposed to sit) and it works great as a protection from people looking in through in from the street, while still giving me something nice to look at. Having lots of space for plants in the kitchen is also great since I use this for my growing-experiments, like re-growing kitchen scraps… Have a look if you feel like it, I just did mine mine by screwing some small wooden blocks to the frame and place an oak plank on top!

  • What is with me? I’ve never been a plant person but between this and your recent tutorial with the hanging rope holders I’m dying to go out and buy some plants to put in my apartment. Awesome as always!


  • So so pretty! I love little cacti and succulents in little baby plant pots. So adorable xx

  • This is such a great idea. I already have a two level bay window above my sink in the kitchen. I’ve tossed a few plants in there and we’ve taken to starting seeds there and moving to the garden when they’re bigger, but the uniformity of the pots with the different plants is stunning. I will be picking up some matching pots very soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I’ve been wanting to create an herb garden like that so they get some sun!

  • Oh my this looks AWESOME! I will have to get my husband [hehe] to make me one!

  • Great idea – must see how opped my boyfriend is to getting handy.

  • I love the diagram your made! It looks like it took a while to make but it is so helpful! Thanks!

  • This is great! Just wish I had a window ledge and sun so it would be easier to have indoor plants.

  • Wow..this looks fresh and lovely. Plants are always a great addition to any home, and this is just perfect for the kitchen.

    xo, Hems

  • All the DIY carpentry/furniture-making/woodworking posts are my absolute favorite part of your blog. Can’t wait to see more from Josh. Having that accurate and easy-to-read diagram takes this how-to to the next level.

  • Oh this is lovely. A great DIY project!

  • Gorgeous! I love all of these new wood-working crafts 🙂

  • Gorgeous shelf! I wish I had a windowsill in my own kitchen to fill with plants, but I would love to build a version of this for my balcony!


  • I’m not really a DIY person, but this little project looks interesting! lovely!

  • Wow love the idea! Although to be honest I am not sure if I’d be able to build it myself.. 🙂 the plants are beautiful too!

  • Beautiful job! Love the potted plants 🙂


  • I love the idea! I agree with Jordyn, this will be a perfect DIY for a mini herb garden.

  • I love this- awesome job!

    Courtney & Kelsey

  • Wow! really amazing and a very witty idea, it’s seems rather easy, but what do I do if I don’t get the long round dowels but instead a long square dowels? :S here in Venezuela it’s kind of difficult to find the round ones,


  • This is so cute! What a lovely use of space!

  • What a great way to add a bit of character to a window. Great idea!

  • They are all various succulents and cacti we purchased locally. We love these types of plants as they don’t need to be watered as often. 🙂


  • What a great diy idea! This looks very easy!

  • can you provide the names of the plants in this picture? they are all so lovely.

  • Hi Beatriz! The round ones would work best. Sorry about that! -Jacki

  • How lovely! This would be great for herbs, too, but I love your pretty little succulent collection!

  • I LOVE this! This would also be the perfect spot to grow some herbs! Thanks for sharing!
    Pretty Lovely

  • That looks perfect and very impressive. I’ve long been thinking about adding some plants to my tiny city-apartment and this just looks like the prettiest, and most place efficent (is that a word? English is not my native language) to add green to your home.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Love from Germany and something sweet:


  • This will be perfect for all the fresh herbs I’m going to plant in the next few weekends 🙂

  • so cute! love all of the pots in one place!


  • Looks awesome and not too difficult! Now how do I get a window in my kitchen? 🙂

  • This looks like a fun weekend project for hubby and I. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this! It could also work well as a windowsill cup drying rack for those of us unfortunate enough to not have a dishwasher.

  • Adorable!! Thank you for the inspiration, would be great for herbs as well 🙂

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