Work Wears: Messy Hair

Messy hair don't careLately I've been really into the whole not-doing-my-hair look. You know, because it's a "look" and not just me not doing my hair. I mean, look at this way, it makes those days when you do your hair all the more special. 

Guys, here's another edition of Work Wears. You know, that feature where I show you what I wear to work. This past week has been mostly full of shockingly comfy clothes. It's been cold, so that's a factor. And then most days I find myself working on the floor. Did you know most of the DIYs you see on the blog were made while sitting or photographing on the floor? It's true. So short skirts are a tragic choice on those days. 🙂

Work wears casual outfitGuys, I love these jeans. I don't own a lot of textured pants because the Internet told me that us "pear shaped" gals should avoid them. But what does the Internet know anyway? 


Whoa, sorry. Got a little upset there. Guess I'm a little defensive today. (Not really, I'm just joshing around with you guys).

Details: Jeans/Free People, Shoes/H&M, Collared Top/F21, White Top/H&M

Work wears glasses and a skirtOK, so true story. I love this skirt with these shoes. It's my favorite. But, it was snowing the day I wore this. So these shoes make LESS than no sense to wear. I had other shoes with me. I do that sometimes. I just hate getting forced into winter boots for three months straight. I'm a real rebel like that.


There it is again! Man, I'm hyped up today. Probably too much coffee.

Details: Shirt/Thrifted, Skirt/Madewell, Shoes c/o ShopRuche, Glasses/ ABM for BonLook, Necklace/ DIY coming soon!

Work wears with floral leggingsLeggings are also good if it's cold and you work on the floor often. Just so you know. I love these floral leggings. 

Details/ Sweater/H&M, Leggings and Boots c/o ModCloth

And in case you're wondering how many colored doors we have around the studio house, the answer is four. Ha! Thanks for letting me share and TGIF guys—hope you have an amazing weekend. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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