Work Wears: Playing Catch Up

Work Wears on A Beautiful MessHey, friends! I feel like I've been playing the world's longest game of catch up. Ever feel that way? I'm working through it, and I'm optimistic that by next week I'll be feeling normal again. Thumbs up! 

So, Emma had the idea to switch up our Work Wears feature for the new year and share three outfits at a time. Way more fun, right? Emma's full of good ideas. 

Casual outfits are my everything. I do wear heels to work sometimes, but a lot of days I keep it way casual. There's a fine line when you're a business owner because I can wear yoga pants to work if I want to (and I have, a lot), but I also feel totally normal when I dress up. And since we do so many different things with our days, I kinda just let my to-do list dress me. So when I'm shooting a video, I dress up more, and when I'm working on my computer, I dress down. Duh. OK. Moving on… 

Work Wears on A Beautiful Mess Work Wears on A Beautiful Mess  My grandmother has an awesome ritual of taking me out birthday shopping and to lunch every year. We've been doing it ever since I was a little girl (I'm the oldest grandchild). This year I picked these yellow converse, and I think of her every time I wear them. 

Outfit: Glasses/Bonlook (I think this style is out of stock at the moment, but they'll be back), Earrings/Vintage (from Jeremy's grandmother), Top/Anthropologie, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Shoes/Converse. 

Work Wears on A Beautiful Mess   Got double awkward poses for you here! Couldn't choose between tight-rope-walker and flamingo leg. Niiiiccce. 

Outfit: Scarf/Vintage, Top/ Half of Half, Cardigan c/o ModCloth (old), Jeans/Jessica Simpson (again—I have three pairs of these. I wear them so much in the winter.), Boots/Urban Outfitters, Bracelets/Vintage & Madewell, Bag/Gift Shop Brooklyn

Work Wears on A Beautiful Mess    Work Wears on A Beautiful Mess    It's challenging for me to break out of the jeans routine in the winter time. Tights work, but not with all my shoes. Leggings are great, but I don't have very many long tops. I'm still working on this, but at least I didn't wear black jeans in every photo. Good enough! 

Outfit: Dress/Jessica Simpson, Necklace/LaMalconttenta on Etsy, Glasses/Bonlook (I call these our "Clark Kent glasses"), Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens (c/o ModCloth forever ago). 

Thanks so much for reading! Love you guys. Happy weekend! xx. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Emma Chapman and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions

  • Hey!
    In the first picture it looks like you got short hair – and I think that’d be fabulous! A bit like Audrey Tautou 🙂

    Give it a thought.

  • It’s ok! I love black jeans too! I challenged myself over the weekend to wear mostly all skirts and dresses! It was really fun.

  • Where did you get that awesome light fixture in the hall above the stairs in the last photo? I love it! Please share!

  • I love your style Elsie!

    I work long hours in an office, and often find it hard to find the time and energy to pick out cool, office appropriate outfits (it’s a very casual office, but flip flops and shorty shorts are NOT appropriate). When I do make an effort, it makes me feel much more confident in myself, and this translates to my work. Your post has totally inspired me this week! Thank you! Hannah x

  • Love the UO boots, and Clark Kent(cant agree more) glasses…


  • I’m so mixed up with my own personal style, but yours is such an inspiration for me. It’s fits so well with being a teacher’s aide/future teacher. Fun, happy, cute. Must find more dresses and COLOR! and someday…some hasbeens! (maybe a graduation gift!)

  • I loved the three outfits Elsie! Cant pick a favorite!
    But this yellow All Star is totally cool!!!!

    I wish I could wear whatever I want on my days too. But my job is not that casual. 🙁

    Xo, Deborah

  • You look too cute. My fave is the black dress. I have been eying that Anthro top for a while though. Love the necklace! Enjoy the birthday tradition with your grandma! I think it’s sweet.

  • Your style is so incredibly funky and fun. I love it! And the creative photos are fantastic!

  • I absolutely love you’re glasses! Especially the Clark Kent ones. 🙂
    xo Jennie

  • Too cute! I love the yellow converse, and what a great tradition from your grandmother. My grandmother is obsessed with being absolutely fair with every grandchild, so if she buys one grandchild something, she always makes sure to get every grandchild something of equal value. (Luckily she only has 5 grandkids). When we were little, her and my grandfather would give us birthday checks in odd amounts, like $31.16, because they wanted us to be able to buy a $30 item but have enough for tax as well. It was always funny and extremely thoughtful that way. 🙂

  • You look like Zoe Dechanel in photo #2! Love the glittery frame, so fun.

    The second outfit is my favorite of the three! That’s more or less my daily uniform, though I might wear a statement necklace instead of the scarf in my hair (but wait till my hair grows!)

    happy Sunday!

  • All the outfits are adorable! I am still so in love with the gold glasses you designed for Bonlook! I hope they will be back soon. I’ve been waiting for them to come back in stock for a while now! Buying them as soon as they come back. (:

  • I have the same jeans issue… 🙂
    My grandma and I go shopping sometimes, but I’m 13… It’s so cool that it’s become a tradition for you! 😉
    I love your yellow converse & the second outfit (that headband is adorable!!)

  • I just discovered your blog and I love it! Outfit number 1 is great…and the glasses!Love them!

  • I just discovered your blog and I love it! Outfit number 1 is great…and the glasses!Love them!

  • Your comment about the black jeans made me laugh, I’m guilty of wearing my favourite pieces too much as well! I’m making a more conscious effort to mix things up, it’s a never ending challenge.

    I love all three outfits. They’re all great for different moods, 1st one fun, 2nd comfy but cute, 3rd dressy cool. Your style is great!

  • Love all the looks, but especially the first one! I can’t wait to fit back into my clothes again. It’ll be a long haul (still waiting ever so impatiently to give birth to our first child) but so fun to revisit my wardrobe again!

  • I love your outfits so much, my favorite outfit would have to be the second one. But overall I love your style.

  • My outfits during these cold winter months are just fleece-lined leggings and long sweaters! During the winter months I naturally drift towards neutrals, but I love all the color in your first outfit so much 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I love your more ‘casual’ outfits! These are great for me! I am trying to suss out my style/what to wear to work at my new teaching job! I love you and Emma’s style in the sister style shoots but I could wear clothes like that to work (heals at school would be rather silly!) … so I’m loving these work wear posts! 🙂

  • I wish you’d do a “how not to look like a goober when you pose for style posts” post. You look cute even as a flamingo/tightrope walker.
    :] //

  • Love the sparkly glasses and the light grey boots!

  • Elsie you look so nice in green!!

    I’m first in line when Jack & Norma is back in stock. The champagne colour… Ugh. So nice. xoxoxo

  • I love that tradition with your grandmother! My mother in law takes me shopping every year, too, and it’s so much fun to have a special memory attached to whatever we end up choosing. How else could you equate yellow sneakers with your grandmother?? Love it 🙂

  • I love love love these outfits! Definitely going to keep these in mind next time I don’t know what to wear!

  • The outfits are lovely! 🙂

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on those clear and gold glasses! I’ve been on the waiting list for months and check the website everyday to see if they are back in stock. Super cute!

  • Love all the looks! I’m a converse fanatic and love the yellow ones!


  • Lots of colors is lots of happiness – you diffidently show us that x.

  • I love LBD!

  • I love seeing more outfit inspiration in one post. I think a lot of us dress by our to do list. It’s so practical!

  • Sorry to hear that Kristin. Thanks for reminding me to be extra thankful.

  • Thanks so much! I have gotten a lot of wear out of those boots, but they’re gone from the UO site.

    The couch is from Joybird and I absolutely love it!!

  • Eeek! I have been growing my hair out for 10 years from a pixie cut and I don’t think I could ever go back, but thank you so much!!! 🙂

  • I love this feature – and I like the idea of showing a couple of different outfits in one post. As someone who works from home a lot, I know that it can be hard to find the right thing to wear. I often find getting a bit dressed up, doing my hair and makeup to be a motivating factor though.

    Good luck with everything you’ve got going on Elsie – you can do it! Happy weekend!

    xx Kathryn

  • I love, love, love your converses. I am a Chucks-kinda-gal!
    I have a Salmon pair, and of course, black.
    That is super sweet of your grandma. Cherish that memory. My grandma had a stroke and can’t get out anymore and I miss all our traditions 🙁

  • Oh, how I love your style Elsie! You have been a huge inspiration for me over the last 2 years in finding my own style. That green top with the doggies is on.point. Love it!

  • the yellow sneakers & glasses are awesome!

    Ann |

  • Cutest outfits! It’s hard to pick my fav, but I think I’d have to go with #2. It’s an outfit I’d most likely wear myself. I love ALL of the shoes! You’re the cutest and I admire your fashion sense so much!

  • Cutest outfits! It’s hard to pick my fav, but I think I’d have to go with #2. It’s an outfit I’d most likely wear myself. I love ALL of the shoes! You’re the cutest and I admire your fashion sense so much!

  • I’m the opposite! I wear dresses and tights all winter long! I seriously can not remember the last time I wore jeans! 🙂

  • I loveeee the third outfit. I’d never think of pairing Hasbeens with tights but it works so well


  • I love your cute green shirt with pug print x> onething i adore about you elsie is this you dress up and have fun. Do you ever get days where you feel lazy dressing up?^ any personal tips i would love. Thanks xo, saoirse

  • I am a massive black jeans wearer; it’s so easy to get stuck with them. Black = Safe. Love your little black dress/tights outfit, spicing things yet classic and confortable.

  • The green top is fabulous – colour, print, shape… everything, and also the Urban Outfitters boots! I especially love the cushion on the sofa – not the focal point of the article, but something my eye keeps being drawn to.

  • Oh, that’s so sweet, grandma and you 🙂 I’m very fond of my grandma, too. We also have those rituals, and I love it!
    On first photo I thought for the moment you cut your hair, and I must say I think it would be awesome on you 🙂

  • All the outfits are gorgeous! My personal favourite though is the first one, it’s so playful – definitely something that I would wear. Plus I love the combo of the green shirt and yellow shoes. As someone who lives in the black jeans as well, I know how necessary it is to try and fit some colour into your winter outfits!

    Keep you the good work ladies. I am really loving where you are taking the blog this year =)

  • LOVE all these outfits! especially the shirt, glasses, dress and shoes!!! Love your blog x

  • Love these posts! Great that you switched it up and decided to include 3 outfits: triple the inspiration for us readers! Love that you admit to not having certain items of clothing (I think we can all relate!)….

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