Workshop Space Organization

Workshop space organization Hey, friends! For the past few months we’ve been working on renovating and decorating the workshop space behind our studio house. What started out as a leaky, not-up-to-code building is now one of our favorite spaces! We’ll be sharing a full tour soon, but today we wanted to start out by sharing the details of this organization wall in the garage’s entryway that we worked on in collaboration with Martha Stewart Living (hi, Martha! We LOVE you!) and the Home Decorators Collection. This project completely changed our perspective on garages, and we’re pumped to share what we learned with you today. 

For this wall, we raided the Martha Stewart Living garage collection. We LOVE this wall panel! We also used these baskets, deep clear bins, hooks, and this hose/cord holder. These all made it possible to eliminate clutter without taking up too much space, even leaving room for some cute finishing touches. 😉

Workshop space organizationTip 1: Function first. 

Priorities, people! First things first, we wanted a space that would hold all our stuff. We use this space to make projects (mostly woodworking-type stuff), so we needed a space that was bright, ventilated, and easy to clean, because it gets real dusty. 

We started off by assessing our needs and making an inventory list of all the items we needed to store. There is a lot of closed storage in another part of the space, so we chose to use this wall to store project supplies and cleaning supplies—the type of stuff we use every single day (notice all the wipes— haha!). 

Before you begin planning your wall, take some time to make a list of what you need to store, and sketch out possible arrangements for your wall. Do you need to store bikes? A million cans of paint? Ten giant Tupperware containers of holiday decor? Make your space work for you

The awesome thing about this storage system is that it’s super easy to customize and adapt as your needs change. Changeable is good; this we know for sure! 

Workshop space organization Tip 2: Be colorful. 

Maybe it seems a little silly to paint your garage a fun color, but here’s my question: “Why not?” Our splash of yellow brightens the space and somehow makes it feel even more organized, fresh, and pulled together. 

Don’t be afraid to make a bold choice. I mean, if there’s ever a place in your home to take a big risk with no regrets, I would think it’s the garage. It doesn’t have to match your other rooms. It can be anything! I love that. So go a little crazy. We dare you. 

Workshop space organization Tip 3: Infuse your personality. 

After you have your bold color, go a little crazy with decor too. Pick out some fun posters or prints! 

If your garage is a space where you go every day (like we do), you might even go for some plants. Air purifiers for all that sawdust, right? (I kid.) Pick a few fun pieces for your space that express your personality. It will make your workshop feel instantly more intentional, more cared for, and special. 

Workshop space organization Does this post have you itching to work on your garage? I’m so glad we took on this project. I didn’t expect for it to be this fun or this fulfilling, but it’s been so much fun. Now that we’ve done this, I doubt we’ll ever leave our garages plain-ole-boring again. I mean, when you can have a prettier AND more functional space, why not? xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author and photography: Elsie Larson, Project Assistants: Josh Rhodes and Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from The Signature Collection


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