this week flew by. i can't believe it! 

i just wanted to drop in and give you a few updates: 


1. You're invited! 
We are hosting a Cupcake & Bubble Tea Party tonight (friday) from 6-10PM at the RVA store. (address is 200 E Commercial Springfield, Mo. 65803). comecomecomecome! I just made sooo much Bubble Tea in 4 flavors… peach, strawberry green tea, berry & mango. 🙂  
Here are some peeks are new items in the store (going online Monday morning!)…. 


2. Here is a sneak peek of 2 of the classes we are offering at the RVA craft weekend (first weekend in May). Both of these projects are Rachel's. I am SO excited! 


Detailed class descriptions will be available Monday night. Class sign ups will begin next Thursday! 

It's going to be a fun & inspiring weekend. We can't wait to share more… but first, we have a party to throw & a site update to bring you!
In monday's update…. limited edition craft kits, rings, original paintings, Rachel's Spring apron (pictured above), knitted bow headbands and a few other surprises I can't unveil until the last minute! 
back to work for me. lovessss, e 
  • Hey Elsie, I’m still up too, but heading off to bed after this. I sooo wish i could just hop in my vehicle and drive over to the party tonight.

    I missed the chat tonight. I was making a huge pan of lasagna and then we watched a movie. Lakeview Tarrace with Samual Jackson, I think thats what it was called.

    I have been soooo inspired by the class, and by everyones blogs. I’ve been doing other projects on the side. And am in hopes of being able to work on my Color me Happy book tomorrow. I’ve got the front cover done, thats about it. And the other girls thought they were behind. LOL! My time off of work from recovery is coming to an end after Sunday so I’d better use my time wisely. And get as much done as I can. Talk to you soon!! Have fun tonight at your party! Angela

  • I hope you gals have a great time. 🙂 For those of us who can’t get to the classes can we purchase the supplies online?

  • Wow looks like super dooper fun. Can’t wait to see ya in June/July when I visit. Woo.

    I’ll be there in spirit.

    Oh btw, Mandy Natalini and her daughters sent me a unicorn kit. HOW FUN!! Love the Gocco print. 🙂


  • Just asking this why do you always update stuff in the morning or better yet on a work day? I know for you everyday is a work day. For me I can’t get to a computer befor 6pm and everything is gone by then. Not complaing just asking. I love everything that you. Good luck and keep the dream alive and real

  • What kind of cupcakes? Red Velvet?

    And! Most importantly what is Bubble Tea?

  • i wish i could be there – your store looks like a yummy treat for the soul:)

  • Can you share your bubble tea recipe??? Pretty please???
    As always your stuff is atleast 3 kinds of cute. Always inspiring!

  • how exciting!!!!!!


    can’t wait for all the goodies to be out in the open.. and to see all the eye candy and MUST HAVES monday! yay!!!

  • First time commenting but a forever bolg stalker:) I love your store, I was wondering where it is? I also checked out your Mom’s paintings and talent runs in the family!! I love the green poka dotted bow, especially this close to St. Patricks day.

  • hey elsie i am sarah and i write you from guatemala city ( central america)!!!! i love everything you do and i immediately fell in love with the glasses on the rva site!Just wondering , once i bought them is it possible to add magnification to them? let me now please!!!!!!! cause i really want them. enjoy the party and good luck!!

  • I didn’t realize you were in MO. I am headed there in Aril to see my son graduate from boot camp. We will have to stop in!

  • Hey Elsie
    Harmony and I had fun at your store last night! Thanks again for your hospitality. You are so great and we hope to see you again!
    Wishing you all the best 🙂

  • Hey E,

    Would love to join you! LOL!

    How would i go about purchasing some Red Velvet merchandise? Remember in SA!

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