wow…i can sew! (sort of)

hello hello. 

i had a really productive weekend. feels amazing. 
first of all, i cleaned, reorganized & redecorated my loft (photos in posts below)… here's one thing i hadn't shown you yet… my dad and I made a rug for my dressing room with astroturf. we glued the edges (so it won't fray) and i added these cute daisies…. i actually had astroturf in my bedroom in high school (with a camping tent & clouds on the wall… *sigh*… my parents were SO patient with all of our crazy ideas. :D) so I'm happy to have it in my home again….
last night i stitched a dress! it's my first time to complete a sewing project from a pattern (although i didn't follow the pattern %100) since 7th grade Home Ec! it was really fun. Jeremy took a few photos today…. 
jeremy's mom, Pat, gave me some awesome vintage dress patterns. I used one of them for this dress. 
an i betcha didn't know…. my boyfriend is a brilliant inventor! 
check out his clever idea… 
ha! i love him. 
i'll be back later tonight to share about the cleanse we just did, tattoo talk & new RVA happenings!
right now i am going to pick up a few groceries and cook dinner for Jeremy & the band he is working with this week (cooking for 7 boys… ha!). it's gonna be fun… taco night. 
XO. els

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