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Iced Chai with CBD


  • strongly brewed chai tea
  • nut milk or any kind of milk- I used cashew
  • CBD oil (I like The Daily Hit)
  • sweetener of your choice
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg and star anise (optional)
  • ice


  1. In whatever cup you plan on using, pour in the milk and chai tea you want. I do about half and half in each glass. I find that measuring in the glass helps me waste less and I save the leftover brewed tea in the fridge for later. Pour your tea/milk combo in the blender.

  2. Add some CBD oil. Check how much the bottle recommends for a dose and add that much in your blender.

  3. Next, add your sweetener. You can use sugar, honey, xylitol, whatever you like.

  4. Next, I add a pretty big sprinkle of cinnamon and a small sprinkle of nutmeg. 

    Blend, pour and enjoy!