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Evil Eye Halloween Cocktail

Servings 4 ice cube eyes


  • Vanilla Pudding box
  • green and black food dye
  • Bailey's for serving


  1. You will need to freeze each layer one at a time. This is essential for getting a nice, clean shape. If you try to freeze all the layers in one step, the green and white will bleed together and the licorice may not hold its place. First, take a piece of black licorice, get it wet and stick it to the bottom of the circle ice cube mold. Stick it in the freezer until it’s frozen (even just 20 minutes will do the trick on this step). Next, in a separate bowl, mix some green food dye with vanilla pudding. Spoon it into the mold right on top of the black licorice piece. If your circle isn’t perfect, use a paper towel to clean it up. Then freeze the green pudding.
  2. After the green pudding is completely frozen, fill the rest of the mold with vanilla pudding. You can do the first half with just pudding. But for the second half, since you have to funnel it into that tiny hole, you’ll need to water the pudding down. Mix 1 part pudding and 1 part milk (any kind of milk, I actually used half and half since that’s what I had on hand). Shake it in a cocktail shaker or use a whisk to combine the pudding and milk. Then it should be thin enough to pour into the closed circle mold through the top. Then close off the top and freeze the cube (I froze mine overnight).
  3. I like these clear ice cube molds (see post for a link) because you can see that the lines are straight and that there are no bubbles.
  4. When you go to remove the cubes, they can be hard to remove, so use a little cool water as needed.
  5. Just pour in some Bailey’s or Kahlua and serve!