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Dutch Braid

easy to follow dutch braid tutorial

Author Laura Gummerman


  1.  First brush all your hair and remove any tangles. Spray the top of your head with a smoothing spray or cream to keep any fly aways from popping up.

  2. Separate the front 3″ section of your hair and then separate that section into three equal parts. Take your front section and pass it under the middle section so that the front becomes the middle and the middle becomes the front.

  3. Take your back section and pass that under the middle section so they switch places too. With your thumb, grab a small section of hair near your front section and add the hair into that front section. Pass the front under the middle again. 

  4. Grab hair near the back section of your hair and add the hair into that back section. Pass the back section under the middle section again. Try your best to keep each section as tight as you can and pull the braid tighter as you move sections around.

  5. Repeat process of adding more hair to the front and back sections and passing them under the middle section until you have braided down behind your ear.

  6. Finish braiding all the way to the bottom of your hair and use a hairband to secure. Repeat the braiding process down the other side of your head.