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Two Strand Twist

two strand twist tutorial for men or women


  • When beginning any real style, I always co-wash my hair. In other words, I always wash my hair with conditioner only. This helps keep the moisture locked in. I’ve noticed that my hair looks so much better in the end if I let it air dry a bit prior to styling. If you have thick hair like mine, this will work wonders for your final style. Also, instead of washing and styling your hair at night, try doing it during the day. You want to let your hair dry out in the twists as much as possible, and it’s hard to do so when you’re sleeping on freshly twisted, damp hair. 
  • After your hair dries a bit, it’s time to part it into four sections. You can do so by creating a t shape in your hair. I personally prefer a side part instead of a middle part. So after creating my t, I usually bring more hair over. It’s important to part your hair the way you want your hair to lay after you take them out. 
  • Take your coconut oil (or any base moisturizer you use for your hair) and rub it in your palms. After rubbing, you will want to rub your hands in the hair that’s out, and then gently untangle it. At this point you can also use your wide tooth comb for gentle detangling, but I always recommend using your hands if they do the trick. Natural hair thrives when it’s left alone and isn’t pulled on or pulled out in a rough manner. 
  • Then, take a small piece of your hair and separate it into two pieces. Grab a finger tip worth of your styling products. In my case—mousse and curly pudding. Take the tip of your finger and just rub it on your hair from root to tip, and then begin your twisting.  You want to always try and have smaller twists in your hair if you are trying to create a more defined curl pattern. If you have thick hair and large twists, they will surely come undone and leave you with an uncurled fro.  When I reach the tips of my hair, I like to grab a little more coconut oil and styling cream to moisturize and lock the ends. 
  • Continue to separate hair, moisturize, apply products, twist, and reapply products at the end to lock each twist. It may take a while but continue until you've done your entire head.
  • I like to keep my twists in for the rest of that day and the next day to make sure they’re all the way dry. Normally, I will throw on a scarf or a hat, or wear them as is. The next day is so incredibly easy. All you have to do is moisturize your hands with your moisturizer of choice and undo your twists. After taking out your twists, grab your comb and just tease your roots a bit if they’re falling a little flat.