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How to Make a Fancy Balloon Arch

step by step instructions to create a balloon arch

Keyword party decorations


  • 1 at home helium tank
  • 1 balloon decorating strip
  • 30 mini balloons
  • 40-45 standard balloons
  • greenery optional
  • 20+ glue dots
  • balloon string


  1. First, use your helium tank to blow up your balloons and tie the bottom closed. If you want to blow up all your balloons at once before attaching them, put them into large garbage bags as you blow them up so they don’t float away, or do it in a room with a low ceiling so you can reach up and grab them as you need one.

  2. Next, slip the knot of a regular sized balloon through one of the holes in the decorating strip. Skip a few holes and place another balloon into the strip facing the opposite direction. Keep alternating balloon colors and sides until you have a balloon strip as long as you want your arch to be. You can add a few more balloons if needed into some of the holes you skipped if it feels too sparse, but make sure to leave some room to add the small balloons in later.

  3. Once you have your main balloons attached to the strip, cut the balloon decorating strip just past where the balloons end on either side. Tie a piece of balloon string or twine onto each end, and tie those strings onto the piece of furniture you want the arch to go over (or have the strings go to the floor and use balloon weights at the bottom of each).

  4. Use your glue dots to stick the mini balloons into the gaps and crevices until you have an arch that is completely filled in.

  5. If you want to add a little greenery to your arch, you can either stick sprigs of greenery right into dense areas of the arch, or tape the stem in a hidden spot if it won’t stay on its own.