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Author Mandi Johnson


  • twigs or branches in various lengths (wait to trim down branches until step two)
  • chunky, flecked, off-white yarn
  • hot glue sticks
  • cardboard, masonite, or .25″ plywood
  • pruning shears
  • scissors (or jig saw if you’re using wood or hardboard)
  • big fork
  • hot glue gun


  1. Cut out a circle with a hole in the center as the base of your wreath. I used cardboard for mine, but if you are using yours where it will be exposed to the elements, you should cut out hardboard or .25″ plywood for this.

  2. Use hot glue to affix sticks to the wreath backing. Begin with the longer sticks evenly spaced and fill in with shorter sticks. Try to vary the lengths of sticks randomly. I cut the sticks as I went along.

  3. Make yarn pom poms to simulate cotton puffs. To make a small pom pom, just wrap some yarn around a fork, then tie a yarn knot in the middle of the fork (enclosing all the loops you made).  Pull the loops off the fork and cut the sides of them with sharp scissors. Trim and fluff the pom pom until you’re satisfied with how it looks.

  4. When you have enough pom poms to cover the interior circle of the wreath, glue them in place. I pushed mine into the twigs a little and used quite a bit of glue to make sure the pom poms were there to stay.

  5. Use a ribbon or adhesive strips to hang your wreath. It looks great inside or outside!