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Make a Balloon Garland For Your Front Door


  • latex balloons in a variety of sizes and colors to match your theme I tend to use Qualatex brand because the latex is thicker and the balloons hold up better in the garlands
  • low temp glue gun
  • balloon pump
  • outdoor rated mounting hooks
  • ribbon or string
  • crepe paper leaves optional for lemons


  1. Blow up your first balloon and tie like normal. Then blow up a second balloon and tie the knot around the knot of the first balloon to combine them. Repeat with the third and fourth balloon until you have a cluster of four balloons all tied together. Feel free to use an assortment of colors and sizes of balloons to get an organic look to your garland.

  2. Repeat to create at least 20-30 clusters of balloons all with an assortment of colors and sizes.

  3. Use the low temp glue gun to glue the clusters to each other. To do this, add a line of glue where the balloons join and hold the two balloons in place for 20-30 seconds until the glue hardens. Then repeat with the other balloons to create your garland strand.

  4. For this garland, I started with the smaller 5″ balloon clusters and then transitioned to the 11″-15″ clusters and then to the 16″ clusters and a few 24-36″ balloons. To add the optional lemon balloons, use 5″ balloons and blow them up to resemble a large lemon size. Then tie and glue on green paper leaves cut from crepe paper sheets or cardstock.

  5. Once your garland is complete and all the balloons are attached, it’s time to mount them. To do this, attach 2-3 wall mount hooks to the exterior of your house where you want the balloons to flow. For these I placed one hook up high to the left of the door frame and one about 2′ from the ground.

  6. Then simply thread a piece of ribbon around one of the cluster knots close to a hook and tie around the hook in a knot. Repeat with all your hooks and the garland is ready for party time!