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DIY Yarn Wreath

Author Emma Chapman


  • 50-60 yards yarn
  • wire ribbon
  • 1 wire wreath frame
  • spray paint (optional)
  • scissors
  • needle & thread


  1. If you're using, spray paint the wire frame. I decided to do this as my original frame was a dark green and I chose to use white yarn. So I wanted the frame to be white in case any small areas showed through the yarn. If your frame already matches your yarn color choice, then you can skip this step.

  2. Cut one of the skeins of yarn into 7 to 8 inch pieces. This is a bit longer than you will probably need, but it makes it much easier to work with. You will likely need more than one skein of yarn, but it depends how big your wire frame is. So it’s good to just cut one skein, and then wait to see how much more you will need before cutting a second one.

  3. Loop each piece of yarn over the wire frame and then slide into place. See the images above for how I did this. Repeat until the entire frame is covered in yarn.

  4. Give your wreath a hair cut! Trim the yarn to the length you desire. Then add a ribbon bow or any other embellishments you want (faux berries, decorative birds, greenery, etc.). You can sew these in place or use a hot glue gun. I chose to sew mine with thread to the wire frame.

  5. That’s it—pretty simple! Now you can display your wreath on any door or wall in your home.

Recipe Notes

Quick note about yarn for this project: I’d recommend choosing something that isn’t prone to fray much if at all. I also think thicker/chunky yarns look really nice here, and they will make this project come together much faster (you’ll see why in a second). I used 1 1/3 skeins of Yarn Bee yarn in Astounding White (each skein was 43 yards), but see what you can find at your local craft store as I think there are lots of options that would work well here. You could even use jersey yarn or cut up t-shirts into thin strips of fabric for a different look than yarn. The possibilities really are limitless here, but do keep in mind to choose something that doesn’t fray easily.