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DIY Fiber Art


  • wooden dowel rod  (a few inches larger than your desired width)
  • medium weight and super chunky yarn  (How much you need is VERY much dependent on the size and how much you want to cover in tassels. I had to go back to the store for more! I think I used two of the chunky yarn and about six of the medium weight yarn)
  • latch hook mat
  • scissors
  • sturdy neutral string to hang it


  1. Make A LOT of tassels. After I had a few, I used them to try to estimate how many I would need, but I still had to make more later. I used about 70 tassels, each about 4 inches long. If you’ve never made tassels before (don’t worry it’s super easy), you can learn how here.

  2. It’s up to you if you want them to be extremely uniform or more random/natural. I actually used two different types of yarn for mine (but pretty similar), and they came out a little bit more random due to that.

  3. Cut the latch hook mat down to your measurements. Attach the tassels to the latch hook mat. I just tied them on with more yarn.

  4. Originally, I intended to fill the entire piece with tassels. But halfway through I realized I really wanted to use this chunky yarn I had bought and that I could possibly just poke it through the latch hook mat to create something reminiscent of a weaving. Basically a no-weaving-skills weaving. Fun!

  5. Use you fingers or a latch hook tool to poke pieces of the chunky yarn through the holes. Since my yarn was very thick, I skipped about every other hole. I just kind of poked it through in sections until it looked full, and if a spot looked sparse, I went back and added more.

  6. The final thing I did was hang my weaving and fill in any spots that looked a little sparse (both with more chunky yarn and more tassels). Then I trimmed my tassels just a little bit (getting those REALLY long stray pieces), but left them pretty random and natural.