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Fall Floral Garland DIY

Author Elsie Larson



  1. Measure your yarn to be the full size of the garland you plan to make. This will be the base. After I measured it (photo 1), I doubled the yarn to make an even chunkier base. Choose a yarn color that you don’t mind showing through. Even if you intend to cover it completely, the yarn will probably peek out in certain angles, so choose a color that goes with the flowers you are using. I used a combination of leaves, fluffy flowers and flowers that hang down, by the way.

  2. Clip off the flowers and leaves from the steps and heat up your glue gun while you do it. (Obvious safety warning—do not use a glue gun around children).

  3. Cover the yarn in leaves for a first layer.

  4. Next, add the hanging flowers evenly. Last, add the fluffy flowers on top to fill it out with color.