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Fall Floral Garland DIY

Author Elsie Larson


  • big fluffy yarn choose the most fluffy textural yarn you can find
  • faux flowers
  • hot glue gun


  • Measure your yarn to be the full size of the garland you plan to make. This will be the base. After I measured it (photo 1), I doubled the yarn to make an even chunkier base.
    Choose a yarn color that you don’t mind showing through. Even if you intend to cover it completely, the yarn will probably peek out in certain angles, so choose a color that goes with the flowers you are using.
    I used a combination of leaves, fluffy flowers and flowers that hang down, by the way.
  • Clip off the flowers and leaves from the steps and heat up your glue gun while you do it. (Obvious safety warning—do not use a glue gun around children).
  • Cover the yarn in leaves for a first layer.
  • Next, add the hanging flowers evenly.
    Last, add the fluffy flowers on top to fill it out with color.