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Halloween Advent Calendar

Author Elsie Larson



  1. The first step is to cut out your banner and the 31 pockets. I embellished all the pockets before gluing them down (you can also sew them down, but I just moved and I don’t even know where my sewing machine is at the moment). I like to lay them all out and embellish until it feels done. I did a lot of stamped buttons and stars. The buttons are sewn on and the wood stars are glued on. After all the embellishments were done and dry, I used glue on three sides of each piece of felt to create a pocket.

  2. Next, use glue to create a loop that holds your dowel rod in. Then tie a string to each side of the rod to hang it on the wall. As you can see in my photos below, I also used a garland to make mine a little more spooky. I found my garland, and actually all these supplies at JOANN. This pumpkin button is so cute.