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Modern Hoop Wreath DIY



  1. I like to add my greenery first when making wreathes, so you’ll want to cut off some stems and have some going up the right side of the hoop and others going up the left side of the hoop (use your wire cutters to trim the greenery as needed). Wrap your floral wire around the stem and hoop to attach the stem to the hoop. Remember that unlike a traditional wreath, we don’t want to fill up the whole circle so you can still see the gold hoop, so make sure to leave about 1/2 of the hoop exposed.

  2. Once you have some greenery attached, you can add in some other textural fill like these fully grasses above. Do the same thing of cutting a few strands and then wrap your wire around the stems and hoop to attach them to the hoop.

  3. Once your greenery and fill are attached, you can start to add your flowers! I like to start with the biggest flowers first, so add 3 or 5 of your larger flowers (odd numbers usually look more balanced) by trimming the flower to a 3″ stem and bending the stem to the side.

  4. Once the stem is bent, you can lay it down onto the hoop and use your wire to attach it as you see above.

  5. Keep adding your large flowers until you like how it looks and then move onto some smaller blooms.

  6. You can add your smaller flowers one at a time like the larger ones, or you can make a little cluster of two stems first like I did above and then attach them.

  7. Keep adding your flowers where you would like (I filled it around my larger flowers mainly) and don’t forget to go in the right direction by keeping things “growing” the same way your greenery is growing. Once your hoop is full, we can move onto the hanger!

  8. To make the hanger, take your small gold ring and cut a 2″ x 10″ wide strip of leather to be your strap.

  9. Fold the strap through your ring and add your snaps on the bottom at least 1/2″ away from the edge. Snap your snaps with the hoop inside of the strap and you’re ready to hang your wreath!