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Easy Yarn Tassel Ghost Garland DIY

Author Laura Gummerman


  • white yarn
  • small piece of cardboard
  • hole punch
  • black paper
  • glue
  • small google eyes
  • fabric scissors


  1. First, you’ll want to cut a piece of scrap cardboard to be 4″ x 6″. Wrap your yarn around your cardboard piece 15-20 times and cut your yarn so it hangs down past the bottom of your cardboard.

  2. Cut a piece of yarn that’s about 8″ long and thread it under the strands at the top of your cardboard. Tie it in a knot so that the top side of the stands are tied together.

  3. Slide out the piece of cardboard and cut another strand of yarn that’s about 10″ long. Tie that strand around your yarn bundle about 2″ down from the top to create your ghost head. Smooth the ends of the strand down into the rest of the ghost body. Use your scissors to cut the loops open at the bottom end of your ghost and trim any strands that are too long so they are all even.

  4. Once your ends are cut, you can punch some holes into black paper for the mouths and then glue that on with the eyes to complete the face. Use the tie on top of the ghost’s heads to tie your ghosts onto a longer piece of yarn to create your garland and tuck the ends from the tie down through the neck tie so it becomes part of the ghost's body.

  5. Hang your garland and get ready for Halloween!