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  1. So first you’ll want to print out your leaf template. You can either cut out each leaf to trace onto paper, or you can hold your template behind your paper and put it up to a window during the day to trace them onto your paper (this works best for lighter colored paper). Cut out as many leaves in whatever colors you like!

  2. Use your bead punch to punch a hole near the top of your clothespin. Repeat for each clothespin.

  3. Use your fingers to open large jump rings and add the ring through the hole.

  4. Put the jump ring through part of the bottom side of your garland so it will hang down to hold the leaf. I would lay out your garland and space the clothespins where you want them first so you know they are more evenly spaced.

  5. Use a pen to write down all the things you are grateful for on each leaf! You can ask little kiddos for theirs and write them down for them or have older kids write their own.

  6. Hang your leaves on the clothespins and stand back and see all you have to be thankful for!