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  • printer
  • photo paper
  • snow globe template
  • card stock in color of your choice for body of card
  • glitter paper for the base of the snow globe
  • white card stock for ring around globe
  • loose sequins
  • clear plastic film (can be some from left over packaging or use transparency sheets)
  • glue gun
  • scissors or X-Acto knife
  • double-sided foam tape (or foam squares)
  • snowflake stickers


  • Print out your template and photos (you'll want to resize photos so they will fit inside your window first)
  • Once you have your photos and template printed, use the photo template circle to trace circles around your photos (center yourselves in the middle of the circle) and cut out your photos into circles.
  • Fold your card stock in half and place your card template on the seam so you end up with a folded 5″ x 7″ card. Cut your snow globe circle window where indicated on the template (I love to use X-Acto knives for cuts like that), trace and cut out your plastic circle and glue it onto the back side of your snow globe window.
  • Cut out and place skinny strips of foam tape all around the outside of the circle close enough so the sequins can’t escape (love those pink scissors!). The foam tape will give a little bit of space between the plastic and the photo so that there’s room for the sequins to move around. Peel off the backs of the tape, place some loose sequins in the middle of the circle, and place your cut photo face down and centered so that you will see it through the plastic on the other side once you flip the card over.
  • Now that you can see your photo and sequins from the front, glue on your white ring and glitter base for your snow globe, add some snowflakes, and you’re ready to sign and send your card!
  • I love it!! So festive. The sequins really do move around as you shake the card so I can totally imagine that this will be a big hit with any kids that receive one of these guys. I think this is the perfect way to put a little DIY spin on the old classic holiday card (and a really fun activity to do with kids, just swap out hot glue gun for glue stick), and hope you have fun making some this year too!