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4 Easy Ways To Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle

Author Laura Gummerman


Dress up your wine (literally!)

  1. You can do a Santa-type outfit for the holidays (or reindeer!), a sweater for winter/Thanksgiving, or a more general cover if it’s not holiday season. And it’s an easy thing to keep in a gift wrap stash so it can be totally reused next time they go to give a gift of wine as well.

Wrap it in a tea towel

  1. This is an easy way to wrap your bottle in a cute tea or hand towel. Just fold your towel in half over the wine, fold up the right and left bottom corners to meet the body of the bottle, fold up the right side, then the left side, gather the top fabric together with a ribbon, tie the ribbon and you’re ready to gift!

Decorate with an ornament

  1. This is another way to give two presents in one! Add a pretty bow or ribbon but also tie on an ornament or holiday decoration so they can use it on their tree in memory of you! Bonus points if you match the color of your wine to the ornament as well.

Wrap the bottle with a paper fan

  1. This method may look a little fancy, but it’s actually really fast to do and looks adorable. Simply place your bottle on a piece of wrapping paper with a little extra coverage at the bottom and a lot of extra at the top. Pull the paper around your bottle so it’s covered and tape closed. Fold up the bottom paper so the bottom of the bottle is wrapped and tape closed. Flatten out the top tube of the paper above the cork with your fingers. Fold your paper back and forth like an accordion in 3/4″ish sections until you’ve folded down to the cork. Wrap a string or decorative wire from top to bottom, cutting the fanned paper in half (use a bit of tape on the bottom and back to keep the string in place). Fan out the top and use tape to tape the two halves of your fan together (either use double-sided tape or tape from the back). Tie your string into a bow and you’re done!