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Author Laura Gummerman



  1. First, you’ll drill a hole into the top of your wooden ball (the rounded part, not the flat part that already has a hole). Then you’ll want to decide how tall you want your photo holder to be. I made three different heights so they could be in a little grouping together, but you’ll measure up from the table how high you want the holder part to be and then add another 1″ to bend the top into a coil to hold your photo.

  2. Cut your wire to the desired length with wire cutters (you may be able to get away with cutting it with scissors, but it will dull your scissors, so use wire cutters if you have them). Put a few drops of glue into the hole you drilled and place your wire into the hole (you may want to do this on some wax paper in case any glue drips out the bottom).

  3. Allow the glue to set for a minute and then use the needle nose pliers to bend the top into a coiled circle so you have what looks like a little lollipop at the end of your wire. I realized doing some more of these later that you can also coil the wire around a pencil as well and then slide it off if you have a pencil handy.

  4. Once your wire is coiled, it’s time to add your photo and you’re ready to display your picture!