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DIY Pumpkin Stand - IKEA DUTKIG Hack

Create a pumpkin stand for your kiddo out of the famous IKEA DUTKIG play kitchen!

Prep Time 1 day
Author Claire Shaffer


  • 1 piece removable wallpaper I used a sample sheet in a 2x3 size, cut to fit as desired.
  • roll mustard premium removable vinyl The sheet comes in 12x48 rolls—I used mustard on the sides of the stand and for details and used about a full roll.
  • 1 roll wine premium removable vinyl I used very little, could use scraps from another color
  • 1 roll espresso premium removable vinyl I used about one roll, measuring 12x48. Will have leftover.
  • 1 roll orange premium removable vinyl I not use full roll—a full roll measures 12x48. You will have leftover vinyl.


  1. If your kitchen is new, you'll need to assemble it. If not, you can take off the doors to the microwave, storage area, and oven.

  2. Open Cricut Design Studio and start a new project. Upload the Menu or Pumpkin Stand design file and select "New Project." After clicking "New Project," go to "Upload" and add your design. You can use a jpeg, png, or a svg.

  3. Then, select that you're using a "simple" image. The next screen will have you select and erase the areas you want to cut around. I start by clicking the open white area and then double check in between letters to make sure I got all the blank space.

  4. Next, select "cut image" (unless you need to print it) and insert the image into your design space. This is where you'll double check the size. Then you're ready to cut!

  5. After you've cut your shapes and letters, cover them with transfer tape. Peel up the transfer tape and the letters will come with it, helping you keep them in a straight line when applying to the stand.

  6. Add your removable wallpaper; it helps to do this step after you have your "Menu" letters on so that you can line things up/make sure you have the right size of wallpaper to fit alongside the Menu and not overlap with it.