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White + Gold Holiday Wreath DIY

a festive wreath DIY that's perfect for fall and the holidays
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  • white faux flowers
  • faux leaves
  • faux berry stems
  • wreath base any kind is fine
  • white fabric
  • white spray paint
  • gold spray paint
  • hot glue gun


  • Spray paint the front of some faux leaves to get that gilded look (or if you find some floral accents that are already gold, that works too!).
  • Since I couldn’t find every element I wanted in white, I also used a few coats of white spray paint to get these berry stems the right hue.
  • Before I started to add my elements onto my wreath, I cut long strips of white felt in 4″ wide sections and wrapped them around the wreath (securing with hot glue).
    Covering the sides and back with the fabric helps areas that aren’t covered with the flowers to blend into the wreath rather than stick out when finished.
  • To build up my floral elements, I glued a cluster of flowers in one spot and then wound a long berry stem outside the cluster and around the back (securing it with glue every couple of inches).
    I cut off the flowers as close to the head as I could so they would lay flat on the wreath when placed.
  • I basically made three clusters of flowers spread out evenly on the wreath (with a berry stem winding around each), and then I started to glue in some of the gold leaves for a bit of contrast.
  • Once I had my three main areas mapped out, I simply filled in the spaces between the clusters with more flowers and leaves until there weren’t any gaps left.
    Once the wreath was complete, I tied some thick white yarn around two spots at the top to create a loop to hang the wreath from, and I was done!


I got most all my floral items from my local craft store, so check yours and see what options they have in the floral department.
Choose two or three different types and sizes of flowers so you have a varied look. I like having the bit of black in the middle of the white poppies. A little bit of contrast can be nice as well.