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How to Modify a Crochet Cardigan

How to modify a granny square crochet cardigan into a tank top.
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  • crochet hook 4.5mm
  • craft scissors or seam ripper
  • yarn needle


  • half a skein of black yarn medium 4


  • Laying the cardigan flat, I cut the seams [using craft scissors] around the Armholes, wanting to primarily use the squares for both sides of the sleeves. Detaching both sides of the sleeves, also, wanting to maintain the wearability of the cardigan after the project
  • Step Two: Then, cutting down vertically for one set of squares which would open the sleeves up, for two sets of one large connected squares. Also, I took off the bottom row of squares (an extra additional row of squares to later use) so that the final construction would fit more of a crop top style.
  • Step Three: With the yarn needle and a strand of yarn, sew the two squares together at the edges to create a full circle.
  • Step Four: Then, with my 4.5mm crochet hook and medium 4 black yarn, I inserted the hook into the side of the top and single crocheted for one round and fasten off and weaving in the ends for the finishing took to the top. I repeated the same method to offer the top a concise look by single crochet at the bottom of the top, as we
  • Step Five: Creating the straps for the crochet top, I inserted my hook into the top round of the front of crochet top above the squares.
    Chaining for 30 STS, to connect to the back of the top. At the same top round, SL ST to connect, then turning my work, to half double crochet, back towards to front of the top to fully construct the straps. SL ST to connect, fastening off and weaving in the ends. Skipping 22 STS, I rejoined the crochet hook to repeat the same method to construct two straps for the handmade top.