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Hair Accessories Organizer DIY

an easy way to organize claw clips, barrettes, and headbands
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • fabric scissors


  • wicker rounds
  • yarn
  • thick fabric (like felt or leather)
  • glue
  • Command strip hooks


  • Plan where your items will go. I planned to have the claw clips clipped onto yarn and leather pieces, then the headbands and barrettes would be held by longer leather pieces that hang down.
  • Add the felt and fabric as needed.
  • Last minute, I decided to glue on a few geometric pieces just for aesthetics. Other ideas for decorating these: tassels, other fabric shapes, sewing yarn along the outer rims, etc.
  • I used Command hooks to hang these on the back of my bathroom door, as it’s near the vanity where I get ready in the mornings. Depending where you hang these you could also use nails instead.


The wicker rounds are sometimes sold as wall decor and sometimes as a kitchen item, like for holding fruit. I’ve linked some in the post, but if you thrift I would definitely check there too as I often see this kind of item when I’m thrifting.
I used some scrap black leather that I’ve had in my fabric stash forever. I’ve used it on so many projects, lol. But you don’t have to use leather, you just need something thick that a claw clip could hold on to. You could also use all yarn instead if you like.