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Easy No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket (4 Steps with Video!)

Easy way to make a no-sew tied fleece blanket
Keyword fleece blanket, no-sew
Cook Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Servings 1 blanket
Cost $15-$20


  • 1 pair of fabric scissors
  • 1 rotary cutter, cutting mat, and fabric ruler optional, but helpful


  • 1 ½-2 yards fleece fabric (in two colors or patterns)
  • 1 piece card stock paper or thin cardboard for cutting template optional


1. Trim your fabric

  • Place your two fleece fabrics on the floor and line them up together the best you can. Use a rotary cutter, fabric ruler, and mat (or simply use fabric scissors) to cut off any curled ends or edges of the fabric that don’t line up exactly. Just eyeball it to get the overall rectangular shape as even as you can, but once you have it all done you won’t be able to tell if one area is cut a little bit more narrow or wide.

2. Cut squares out of your corners:

  • On each corner of your blanket, cut out a 5″ x 5″ square of fabric with a rotary cutter or fabric scissors. The strips that you will cut next will be 5″ long so taking out this corner will remove excess material from the corners so things look nice and neat when done.

3. Cut your 1″ strips to tie together:

  • Now you are going to cut 1″ wide by 5″ long strips along all the sides of your double layer fabric. You can either use a rotary cutter and fabric ruler or use fabric scissors to make the cuts. Some people may prefer to just eyeball the cuts after measuring out the first few, or, we suggest you …
  • Tip: Make a cutting template like you see above! Use a piece of paper (or thin cardboard like from a cereal box) and cut 1″ strips that are 5″ long across the length of it. Place the template on your fabric and cut along the preexisting cuts to create even strips moving the template down as you go. Easy and your cuts will all be even!

4. Tie your strips

  • Now it’s time to finish your blanket! Tie each strip like you would when you tie a balloon closed (it’s called a balloon knot!) and work your way down each side until you have each tie completed. Once all your knots are tied, your blanket is ready to use or gift!


Note: If you are using blizzard fleece, the right side of the fabric is more nubby and the wrong side is more smooth, so put the nubby sides facing out when you line up your fabrics together.
Do some sides seem harder to tie? You may notice that some sides are a little easier to tie than the others and that's because the fleece has a woven direction that makes it a little stretchier when you pull it one way vs. another. 5" long ties should still be long enough to tie, even on the stingier side, but you'll notice it's easier to tie on the sides that give you that extra stretch and those sides will go a little faster.