Zombie Thriller Dancers on Commercial Street!





This super fun dance 'party' happened right in front of our shop on Commercial Street today! Mr. Larson snapped these photos from our third floor. It was so much fun selling cute things to tons of zombie ladies! 

ps. I'll be posting tons of weekend photos soon. the shop opening was one of the most magical experiences of my life. i can't wait to share…..♥  

  • amazing! and happy to hear that your special night was so special. congratulations!

  • Awwwwwwwesome! I am so happy for you and the big grand opening! I am eager to see & hear all about it.

  • That’s really cool! I’ve seen it in Stockholm before, there are some cool ones on youtube, think they are called “flash mob” or something like that.

    xx L

  • seriously thinking that next halloween might be a three day trip to visit your adorable little town for a three day weekend!!
    sounds perfecto

  • I was part of Denver’s world-record breaking Zombie Crawl last weekend, and it was all sorts of fun! I kind of just flailed around for the thriller dance. I suppose I should learn it if I’m going to do stuff like this.

  • Awesome! I love zombies and wish I could have seen that first-hand. The colourful zombies are a nice twist on the scary ghoul.

  • No freaking way….that’s awesome!

    (and reminds me of when I was a kid, and I had to close my eyes for the first few seconds of the Thriller video…tsk tsk tsk)

  • That is so awesome. It looks like a fun town!
    I can’t wait to see all the grand opening pictures.

  • That’s great! I’ve seen the Thriller dance on YouTube before, but that looks amazing – so many zombies!
    So glad to hear your shop opening went well, can’t wait to hear all about it x

  • Fantastic! Here in Australia in Brisbane an annual zomie walk is held, its a funrasier for brain tumor research. Havn’t been yet, but am hoping to next year. Best fundraiser idea ever!


    So so fun! my five yrs fave part of all last night was a house that was playing that song! He would of been in heaven!

    thanks for sharing!


  • Me and my friend Rikki tried to cram learn the Thriller dance for a youth group party on Saturday we got a tiny bit in and then decided the fact that we knew the Time Warp was geeky enough and that we’d leave it there

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  • Oh no!!! That is one of the cons I really cnnoat attend I am so sad I will be missing you!Please tell me you will be back in Canada for the Summer too! I want to see more of your work and your awesome panels! <3Regardless, though, Happy Holidays, Queen of Cosplay! ^_^

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