#ABeautifulMess App Updates!

#ABeautifulMess App UpdatesIt's impossible to put into words how incredibly thankful we are for the amazing response to our app release this past month! It's truly been a game changer for our little biz, and we've had so much fun following along with the #abeautifulmess hashtag and seeing everyone's creations. As a token of our appreciation, today we released an update that includes thirty new pieces of artwork (borders, doodles and phrases) and sixteen new fonts for the text section! Everyone who has the app will get all of these items as a "thank you!" from us when you download the update.A Beautiful Mess App UpdateA few notes/FAQs:

*Please note that the update has one small, but confusing, hiccup. If you have added any of the in-app purchase packs they may have a tag on them that says "new"β€”making it look like we're including it with the new elements that come with the base purchase. This was a simple mistake that our developers missed, but all it means is that the "new" flag is on some items it shouldn't be. We're not giving away what you've already spent money on or trying to make the update look bigger than it was. There are 46 brand new things in every single updated app. So sorry for the confusion. We were pretty bummed when we saw the mistake, since the whole point of this update was to show our gratitude! The hardest part of being an app owner (vs. blogging) is dealing with problems beyond our immediate control, so we appreciate your understanding! For now, please ignore the "new" flag and enjoy all the new bonus stuff!! πŸ™‚

*A Beautiful Mess for Android will launch later this summer/early fall. We will update you when we have an exact launch date! (We can't wait!!!) 

*The back/undo button is in progress, but it takes a little more sophisticated programming. So it's not quite ready yet.

*If you have any technical questions about the app, please e-mail our support team- [email protected]

We can never say thank you enough… but thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We're so happy to be living this dream. xoxo. Elsie