Announcing Our New App—A Color Story!

A Color StoryToday we are thrilled to announce our new, upcoming app—A Color Story! It’s been almost a year and a half in the making.

A Color Story is an everyday photo editing app with filters, tools, and simple light effects. We love fresh photos with bright whites and colors that pop, and lately we’ve had a hard time finding an app that can get our photos just right. So we created A Color Story as a simple tool for colorful images. The app has 100+ filters, 30+ effects 20+ tools and the freedom to create and save custom filters! 

We’ll share much more when the app rolls out. In the meantime, we just wanted to share a few glimpses of what A Color Story can do. 

Before After A Color Story example Before/After edited by @JeffMindell using Chroma in A Color Story. 

Bring your color to life! Instead of filters that mute or change your color, we focus on filters that enhance the color that is already there. 

Before After A Color Story example  Before/After edited by @MandiMakes using Fresh in A Color Story. 

Simplicity! We’ve all tried apps that are just too hard to navigate, where you feel like you need a tutorial to even begin. A Color Story is simple. This photo was edited with just ONE filter. No other tools or adjustments! 

There is MUCH more we want to share. But we won’t overload you for today! Here’s a quick video that shares all the key features available in A Color Story.

Video/Joe Batty at Neighbor Studios

Q: When is your launch date? 

A: We haven’t set an official date, but if everything goes smoothly, we’re hoping to launch in the next few weeks! We will keep you informed via Instagram as well as post here when it is available in the App Store. If the Apple review goes smoothly, it could be as soon as next Wednesday!

Q: Are you developing for Android? 
A: Yes, we are. It is also in testing phase. The process is completely different from iOS. We will launch it as soon as we are happy with the test phase, but it may be a little longer than iOS. 

Q: Can I test the app? 
A: We are done testing iOS and are almost ready to launch, so everyone will be able to download it soon. We are SO flattered that many of you have asked to test it! However, we might need a couple more Android testers. We’ll put more details about that on Twitter as we know more. 

Let us know if you have any other questions! We’ll be here to answer! xx. Elsie 

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Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Video: Neighbor Studios. Music: Jeremy Larson. Photos linked throughout.