10 Things I Love Sunday

Welp, here we are into February and only 46 days until spring (but who’s counting?). Definitely trying to keep up the joy factor around the house as the cloudy days feel never ending, but little things like putting on makeup (which I don’t always do when just working at home) or doing some room refreshes have helped keep my spirits up. Here’s what else is making me smile this week:

1. That print on my mantel!

2. Keely mentioned loving a concealer in her post about clean beauty buys from Target, so I decided to try this concealer she mentioned when I ran out of my usual one and it’s great! Gotta combat those tired mom dark circles and it does an amazing job.

3. Love this little snack bowl.

4. In an effort to declutter my kitchen counter, I got one of these to look cute on it while secretly holding all our random vitamins and supplements that end up there (like elderberry gummies—hello flu and cold season!) and I LOVE it. It keeps them all contained and out of sight but within easy reach for whenever we need to access them. You could also put mail in here or anything else that clutters your kitchen counter, so I’m sure it will hold lots of things in the future!

5. The perfect spring/summer sunnies.

6. Can I just live in this romper every day?

7. If you’ve ever wanted a SMEG-style toaster but didn’t want to pay, like, $1,000 for a toaster, then this is the one for you! I think we’ve had the same basic toaster since we’ve been married (almost 10 years now), so I thought it might be time for an upgrade and it’s so cute. And if you’re wondering if it comes in pink … yes, it does.

8. Todd and Lola made a “spaceship train” out of boxes last week that we still have in our den and she drives it around every night. It makes me so happy to start to see her use her imagination to create more and more as she grows. She climbs into every empty box and immediately says “3, 2, 1, blastoff!” and starts to drive her new spaceship and I love it!

9. Cutest little toddler dress.

10. Still one of my favorite natural mascaras I’ve ever used and it smells so good! I’d kind of forgotten about it as I kept buying other brands, but I ordered another tube and it’s still one of the best.

No matter what season is happening in your area of the world, I hope you have lots of little joys to brighten up your week as well! You can browse our wishlist and Amazon store if you’re looking for a present to be excited for. xo. Laura

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