10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi there! Happy Sunday! This week, we moved into our new home, and wow—it’s been emotional. So to distract myself, here are 10 non-moving-related things I am loving right now. 🙂

(links in the photo above: bed, rainbow rug, David Bowie sweatshirtbunny wallpaper)

1. No less than 20 people have sent me this Amazon promo calling colorful glassware a “trend.” Sure, I’ll take credit. Lol

2. Should I get this for my The Lion King-themed room in our Florida bnb? I have less than a month before we go do the big makeover, so any cute Disney-themed finds I’d love to see!

3. This dress is on my wishlist.

4. I’m currently watching Sex Education and it’s SO cute.

5. I really want this photo to frame.

6. I don’t need any sandals, but if I did ... 🙂

7. Are you on board with wearing scrunchies? I am.

8. These pillows are so cute!

9. This blanket is so good.

10. My favorite blog to find toddler craft ideas.

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I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. XX- Elsie

  • Yes I am alllll about scrunchies! I don’t wear them at my office job but any other time I have one lol!

  • Ugh, your rainbow wall art. So cute! Thanks for the links and have a great Sunday! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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