10 Things I Love Sunday

Hope your weekend is treating you well! I spent part of last week traveling, so I’m mostly catching up on laundry and cleaning. I went down to my Harry Potter-inspired Bnb to add a few more updates, and also show Trey the space. It was so nice even though we worked the majority of the time we were there. I don’t mind! Love the sunshine.

1 + 2. I finished reading The Husband’s Secret and started Evvie Drake Starts Over while I was traveling. I usually spend most plane rides reading, as it helps with the (mild) anxiety I tend to feel when on a plane.

3. I have been drinking this all winter and so far I haven’t gotten sick—which is pretty amazing for me! I’m sure there are other factors, but just figured I’d share this anyway. This is just generally for immune support, I am not referencing this as a coronavirus preventative or cure. Let’s all do what we can to stop and slow the spread of that in our country as much as we can so our health care system will not be overrun and those who need medical resources will hopefully have access to them. Stay safe, think of your community, and do what you can.

4. Added a few accent walls and things to our Harry Potter-inspired house and I’ll share more soon. But one of my favorite things I bought to use was this Marauders Map. It was shockingly good quality for the price (I thought), although good luck finding a frame to fit it.

5. This is more for Springfield, Missouri locals, but if you haven’t made it out to Ozark to check out Finley Farms’ The Workshop, you should! I took a Smile and Wave weaving workshop this past month and it was excellent and the space was insanely beautiful. They serve coffee and drinks during the days/evenings too.

6. Speaking of weaving, if you’re looking to get into it I highly recommend Rachel’s book. Obviously, getting to take a workshop with her is even better. 🙂

7. One more Springfield, Missouri news item—I have to say happy birthday to The Golden Girl Rum Club!!!! She turned four years old this year, and a huge congrats to Rogan and the entire staff. I am not involved in the day-to-day running of the bar, so I am just bragging about them. I have been telling Rogan for years he should write a cocktail book—it would be epic.

8. Sandal season is almost here! I have been eyeing these one-color Birkenstocks, and although I love the beet red and mango, I would probably wear the black or olive color more … but is that boring?

9. Have you tried the Sway: Magic Dance app? It’s hilarious! I did it with my niece and she loved it, too. Lots of fun. Five stars. Would recommend. (I mean, I am.)

10. Recently got the Vibrant and Pure cookbook and geez, it’s beautiful! Already been making mermaid toasts.

Wishing you a great weekend. xx. Emma

  • Full disclosure: I am not personally keen on Birkenstocks, but I think they rose to their level of success because of the comfort of the materials and while I can appreciate that for their suede/leather type sandals, these sandals look sweaty and possibly blister-causing due to the material. I could totally be wrong though!

    Thanks for mentioning Rachel’s book! Perfect to download and begin new projects with as I practice social distancing. <3

  • Hi Emma, thank you for sharing. I always love your book recommendations. Birkenstock offers one color sandals with really nice patterns on them – maybe a good alternative?! Stay healthy

  • I’m honestly shocked Coronavirus has not been mentioned at all. I appreciate the entertainment but have always looked up to you guys for advice and now is a time we need it.

    Thank you.

    • Please don’t look to A Beautiful Mess for advice on public health matters as we are truly not qualified. We are a great source of information about: crafts, DIY, home decor, recipes, and a little bit about small business and creativity. But we are not medical professionals, we are looking to those experts and following their recommendations to keep ourselves and our community safe.

  • I got a pair of those Birkenstock’s last summer and was in the same boat wondering what colour to get. I decided to go bold and get the coral and haven’t regretted it! My vote is you get the mango!

  • Ugh, I truly adore your Harry Potter Bnb! Thanks for the links too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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