10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi friends, before we jump into my 10 things, I wanted to bring attention to something that is of urgency: actively responding to the racist events that have been happening this week and beyond, like the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade. We have been donating and signing petitions, and we want to encourage you to do the same.

While one of the officers involved in George Floyd’s murder has been charged, there were others involved. Please sign this petition to demand the other officers are held accountable.

Here are some funds we have donated to: Reclaim the Block, the Minnesota chapter of the ACLU, and the George Floyd memorial fund.

A few educational accounts to follow on Instagram are: Rachel Cargle and The Great Unlearn, The Conscious Kid, and Check Your Privilege. And an excellent book to pick up is Woman of Color by LaTonya Yvette.

Please share below if you have any other resources you’d like to add to the conversation!

Here are some things I’ve been loving:

1. This amazing wallpaper. My love of wallpaper is SO DEEP at this point—it’s a full-on obsession. Did you know that Gucci makes wallpaper? It’s pretty amazing too. My favorite print is the Tian one. Which is your favorite? My friend Allison used the Tiger in her bathroom (I’ll try to get her to do a home tour on here sometime!).

2. If you want to support a small business right now, here are a few places I have been shopping for our home: Lucent Lightshop, Apple & Oak and Shop House of Barkley (I got these dog bowls—they’re SO cute).

3. These cups are so dreamy for summer (or anytime).

4. I have nowhere to wear it, but I really want this dress and might invent an occasion?

5. I am really REALLY in the mood for ricotta pancakes. My fave!

6. We’re about to paint our exterior white, and there is one lonely sconce on our porch that needed and upgrade. This is what I picked. SOOO excited to see it all come together!

7. Rainbow stripe napkins.

8. If you’re a Clueless or Legally Blonde LIFER like me, you’ll wanna see these. I cannot pass up a fuzzy scrunchy.

9. This Etsy shop of movie prints is SO cute. They even have my favorite movie!

10. This cutie coffee table is such a steal.

I hope you have a great weekend! I’m thinking of planting a eucalyptus tree in our yard. And definitely making brownies! xx- Elsie

  • A mi el papel tapiz me recuerda a mi infancia, en mi habitación las paredes estaban empapeladas en color pastel y era muy bonito!

  • Hi Elsie! I think you could wear the dress for a wedding anniversary dinner?! It’s so cute 😀

  • >>>I have nowhere to wear it, but I really want this dress and might invent an occasion?
    For that Laugh-In reboot…I hear they want you to pop out of a window ala Goldie Hawn and say something funny!

  • Thank you for sharing this great list ! The wallpaper is so pretty!

  • I was wondering if lifestyle bloggers even had a responsibility to respond to current events such as the recent race-related ones, so I asked my dad—a published, tenured journalism professor—his opinion. Here’s his response:
    “I wouldn’t think so. Isn’t a lifestyle blogger someone who blogs about decoration or fashions or cooking? I suppose if they blogged about social issues that might be a different story. But I would think, nonetheless, they would not be obligated or responsible for commenting on every event especially issues that fall outside the scope of their blog focus.”

    • Lifestyle bloggers certainly don’t have to address these types of events, but to me ”lifestyle” also encompasses how an individual chooses to acknowledge and discuss the melieu in which they find themselves. Accordingly, I am mindful of the content on the blogs I support with my views and my clicks through to affiliate purchases. Right now, I’m choosing to follow bloggers who are thoughtfully speaking out against the terrible injustices happening in this country. Your learned father’s response overlooks the fact that many readers ($$$) may choose to unfollow bloggers who do not to acknowledge the current events, I know I have. I don’t think you have to have a tenured position to connect those dots.

  • One of the most powerful works I’ve read in recent years was Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson. Highly recommend.

  • I love the look of wallpaper, and all the pretty designs you’ve been sharing – but we unfortunately have plaster walls, and I don’t think the texture will play well with it. I’ve seen some wall stencils in patterns that may mimic wallpaper, any chance there could be a round up of those? Or tips on what could be done with textured walls to make them more interesting? It’s so hard to hang things on them, and wallpaper doesn’t seem like it will work well, any tips? Maybe an abstract wall mural of some kind…

  • I’m sorry but this just isn’t it. The current situation in the US regarding George Floyd and Black Lives Matter 100% needed its own post. It does not warrant being put under your “10 Things I Love Sunday” post with affiliate links. Please try and do better ABM as you have such a large audience and wide reach.

  • Thank you for using your voice to be part of the solution. And thank you for being open to learning!

  • I’m so extremely disappointed to see this topic covered briefly in an affiliate link post. This deserves its own post and it’s own image.

    The truly tragic thing is that racism and police brutality will continue, and these protests are likely to continue. You have time to do better.

  • I will echo the other commentors who are happy that you spoke up on this issue but find it distasteful this is the preamble to a light-hearted list of things to consume. Cup of Jo has always managed to strike the right balance on these sorts of posts to me and truly seems to back up her statements with diverse hiring and content, which has made that blog my #1 favorite. I’ve also enjoyed the commentary on Hither and Thither and I even think that Emily Henderson did a messy but heartfelt job of addressing this. I do come here for escapism, but when the country is crumbling around me, I just can’t consume another post on a list of things to buy (meanwhile, kids are in cages, 30% unemployment, 100k COVID-19 deaths, and Black Americans are being killed by police, while jogging and targeted by racist dog walkers). I have appreciated your well-written posts on adoption, so I know you are capable of more nuanced and thoughtful content and I look forward to it.

  • Guys, please don’t criticize Elsie for bringing attention to a red hot social justice crisis. You’re either on the wrong team or you’re fighting the wrong fight.

    Thanks Elsie for sharing your thoughts and resources.

  • I’m so thrilled to see you adding political commentary, information, and links. I’ve read your blog for years and as a Newtown resident was saddened that there was nothing similar for the Sandy Hook shootings, which affected my family and community in such a way that nothing else seemed to exist. I’m very happy to see you taking this amazing step with your influence and outreach. I don’t think anyone who follows your blog could have a doubt about your thoughts on these important issues, but it is always enlightening to share–you never know who will dig deeper to learn about things you mention on such a large platform. In any case, I appreciate your words and actions here. Thank you for all you do!

  • Been following you guys for over 7 years, and I love how it’s always evolving. After all, this is your blog so you get to use it how you want, and anyone who has been reading it for any amount of time shouldn’t be surprised by your opinions on this topic. I think you’re brave for diving into the fray, knowing people will find fault no matter what you do! I appreciate the effort made— even if it could have been done better— and your posture of humility and wanting to grow. Thanks!

  • These posts will never get old! Those cups you tagged are the best! Have so many of them in my cupboard right now.


  • Thank you for bringing social justice links and commentary into your blog.

  • I like that you use this platform where you can, but it is a business, and you to know how to manage it. You never set out to be a social change platform, and that’s ok. I appreciate that you’re talking about these issues, but then continuing to share a list of 10 fun things, as you do most Sundays. ?

  • I read this book: Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt after Freddie Gray’s murder. As a white women who has grown up within a very sheltered bubble of whiteness and religious rasism I needed a way to learn more about the examination of one of the central controversies and culturally powerful issues of our time. I highly recommend it along with other resources that can educate us on how we can see racism in ourselves and make the change-make the difference.

    • Adding that to my audio books list now! Thank you Melanie. XX!

  • Elsie – Thank you for this post. I know you have said in the past that you didn’t want this site to be about politics – and frankly I come here for an escape. But when I see a blogger going on about sparkly pink things while it seems the world is coming apart, I begin to wonder if they are even paying attention. Thank you for reminding me that I can do both – be aware of what is happening and still try to make my world happier. Sending you a hug.

    • Hi Lori-
      I’m sure I did say that at some point (blogging for1 13 years will do that to you… things change). But I no longer feel that way. We want to use our blog for good and important causes, and some of those may be political at some points (this isn’t) and that’s fine. XX

  • I’m really happy to see that you’re using your influence and platform to raise awareness for anti-racism causes and against police brutality. I hope more white influencers follow your example.

    That said, it seems a bit tone-deaf to slide this message in as a preamble to a list of affiliate links instead of its own dedicated post. At the very least you could’ve intentionally featured some black-owned businesses here.

    • Very much agreed, Dana. It’s an awkward Band-Aid. Also, the urgency is always: not just during times of clear crisis. How do you plan to hold the duality of having a very public platform/business and contributing to anti-racism conversation and education indefinitely? Everything is political; a lifestyle blog is not innocuous. Dipping in and out as is convenient cannot be an option.

    • Hi Dana,
      You’re right and I’m sorry.
      We can do better- always learning.

    • Agree. It is a good start but seems ingenuine tied to a sponsored post (especially with so many Amazon links.)

      Also her name is Breonna.

      • Just want to modify my comment as I don’t see any Amazon links in this particular post and I have noticed fewer Amazon links/more small business links in general, so props to you for that. But still echo the above commenters’ sentiments and think Breonna’s name should be spelled correctly. Thank you.

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