10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. In usual Emma-style, here are 10 extremely random things I’m loving lately.

-I often make myself a mid-day latte in this mug. I have two of the speckled cream ones. These also make cute drinking glasses, generally. Elsie had some and I guess I got jealous and bought myself a few. Ha.

-Does everyone already know about rechargeable candle lighters? I had no idea! I’d been buying the kind that use liquid fuel (that you either refill or run out and have to buy a new one). Then I randomly saw this USB rechargeable option and it works great! At first it’s a little strange, as it’s different than a traditional candle lighter. But I love that I can just recharge it and don’t have to keep buying more.

-Speaking of candles, I have to admit that I am a bit of a candle addict. One of my favorite brands is Wax Buffalo—they smell amazing and are soy based.

-Couple of work-y things. First off, we’ve started working with NerdPress for (minor to midsize) ongoing development maintenance for our blog site and it’s been a really great experience so far. Just thought I’d mention for any fellow bloggers out there that might need this service. And second, I edit photos for work all the time. Most often these are DSLR photos (with iPhone photos and videos splashed in here and there as well). I almost always edit with A Color Story presets. Did you know we have presets? We also have a number of offerings from other photographers in the shop as well.

-The above pictured pie is a strawberry balsamic I made from a recipe in The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie cookbook. It’s a good one that I highly recommend if you need a good pie recipe. I also love The Back in the Day Bakery cookbook (for pies as well as lots of other delicious things!).

-Have you checked out our Print Shop yet? I have six of our prints hanging in my home right now. Super affordable and easy to print any size you need!

-Speaking of things you can print at home, have you seen Amber’s shop Yay Day Paper !?!? If you love cute paper products and items for your planner as much as me, be sure to check it out.

-Love this easy to make (and only $10!) DIY yard game. Perfect as the weather begins to cool off. 🙂

Soak up those weekend vibes, friends. xoxo. Emma

  • That strawberry basaltic pie looks like heaven on a pastry dish! I need to find the recipe now – off to hunt the book down. Thank you for the 10 things round up.
    Anita xxx

  • Emma have you looked at/ cooked with the Sister Pie cookbook? It’s my go to and I’d be curious how it compares with the Four and Twenty Blackbirds book!

  • I was unfamiliar with Yay Day Paper – but am SO intrigued!! I can’t wait to poke around the site more 🙂

  • the Four and Twenty Blackbirds book is outstanding. a former student of mine lives above their brick and mortar shop in Brooklyn and the sisters are very nice people from what she’s mentioned. their salted honey pie is an absolute knock-out.

  • also, I’m from Savannah where the Back in the Day Bakery is located. it’s a charming shop located in a part of downtown Savannah known as Starland. lots of great food, art, and entertainment in Sav. y’all should come see for yourselves when quarantine is over.

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