10 Things I Love Sunday

Hey everyone! Here are 10 things I’m loving:

1. This dress is a major splurge for me, but I’m saving up for it. I was going to wear it to the Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball this month, but it obviously got postponed. I still think it’s amazing enough to wear next year though!

2. Following up that splurge item with these $12 shorts that are SO comfortable—I’ve been living in them.

3. I’ve heard amazing things about Pur Home, especially this laundry detergent. Pur Home is a Black-owned business, and the ingredients are super clean. I also love that the container is made of cardboard and newspaper and it’s biodegradable!

4. I LOVED Twilight as a teenager, and a new book just came out! It’s the Twilight book from Edward’s point of view and I can’t wait to read it. It’s my guiltiest pleasure, haha.

5. Really want to try this liquid eyeliner from Beauty Bakerie—it’s packaged like a lollipop and is too cute. It has amazing reviews!

6. I tried this chocolate chip cookie recipe from Kelly at Studio DIY, and wowoweewa, it was good. If you like cakey, giant chocolate chip cookies, you’ll want to try this recipe ASAP.

7. We picked back up watching Kim’s Convenience on Netflix. It’s really funny, heartwarming, and a total comfort watch.

8. Love this VOTE tee.

9. I’ve bought this cleanser twice now, it’s SO good and such an amazing price for a clean beauty cleanser. I really like the smell of it, too!

10. Really into this printed hand towel from Tia Mowry’s Etsy collection. Remember Sister Sister?! LOVED THAT SHOW! Also Twitches.

Hope it’s a great week to come! xo Keely

    • Thanks for all your research, Kelly! They’re seriously so delicious. 🙂

  • These are great! I love whenever you post- i think our likes line up super well. BUT ALSO, i think I respond better to your roundups because you indicate a little more info about the links you’re sharing rather than being ambiguous. I understand both probably have their place amongst your readers, but this one is more attractive to me! 🙂

    and finally, THAT DRESS. I haven’t ever really seen myself as someone that would save up for a single/rare-wear outfit… but you may have changed my mind.

    • I’m the same! I can’t even remember the last time I bought something to wear one time — maybe my wedding dress 9 years ago? But this dress is so special and I love that it’s slow fashion. I think I could definitely find other places to wear it, even if I look like an out of place cotton candy puff, haha!

  • Thanks for sharing, have a great Sunday! xx

    Love from Anita @ https://dinewinelove.com/

    • I love Kelly’s chocolate chip cookies! I’ve made them twice in the past month! 🙂

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