10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi everyone! We are officially living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania now instead of Nashville, Tennessee. We are kind of in that limbo area where we are out of our old house but not quite into our new place yet so we are staying with my parents until we can get all our stuff settled in. Definitely feels like we are a little all over the place right now but here are some other things that have brought a smile to my face this week …

1. This blanket!!

2. Elsie tuned me into this clean shampoo and conditioner set and I am in love!! I don’t think I’ve ever used product that’s made my hair feel so amazing and when I added in their hair oil it took my hair to the next level. Like, it was so silky that I couldn’t get it to stay in a satin scrunchie at night because my hair was so smooth and shiny it just fell right out!

3. This wooden tea set is just too sweet!

4. If I was a boot I think I’d be this pair … (it’s not too early to shop for boots, right?!)

5. While we are waiting to move into our new house, we are staying with my parents in their small cottage-style home (with our two cats as well!) and I’ve been loving all the time that Lola is getting to spend with her grandparents and the special things we are getting to do together already. We actually got into town the night before my mom’s birthday so it felt really special to be together on a birthday rather than making a phone call from several states away. I’ll definitely be feeling a little unsettled and out of place for a while as one always does with a big transition, but it’s great to already feel the benefits of such a big move.

6. Can’t wait to find a spot for this weaving from the ABM + Etsy collection in our new house—so pretty!!

7. I don’t know if this is officially a fall snack, but it’s always the time of year that I crave it most!

8. Ordered this bed for Lola’s new room—so excited to decorate that and make it a special place for her! Her room isn’t very big so I also got her this thinner bookcase for some books as well.

9. This speckled dinner plate set.

10. Snagged these affordable matching Halloween pjs for Lola and me! I thought a Halloween craft kit would be fun and I also love these cutie hanging spiders for her room (and they are only $4!).

Here I am in our new living room above! We bought another mid-century house and are so excited to see it come to life and fill it with lots of love and new memories. We have a lot of issues in the house that we have to fix (some you can easily see and some you can’t), but I’ve already started thinking about Christmas in our new space, so trying to focus on the positive while we live in a bit of reno zone for a while. Moving cross country with little ones is so stressful but hoping to feel a bit more settled soon! xo. Laura

  • Moving with small children is challenging. Congrats on the new house! The links aren’t working properly (the link for the fall snack goes to a set of speckled plates from Anthropology). 🙂

  • I’d also love to know the name of the clean shampoo and conditioner. The link is not working for me. Maybe because I’m in Canada? Thanks!

  • The links to the shampoo and conditioner isn’t working for me for some reason, do you mind sharing the name?

  • My partner and I moved “home” about six years ago to be closer to our families. Sometimes I still feel like I’m adjusting, but I will never regret getting to see all of our people so often. We have made so many memories. I know the same will be true for you!

    • I keep hearing that same thing so I’m betting it will be true for us as well!

      Laura 🙂

  • Looking forward to the new room posts as you get settled in and make your new house into a home over time! Your design style is one of my faves for interiors.

  • Oh no! When I click on the clean shampoo/conditioner link it takes me to the cute plates instead. I’d love to know which products you use for your hair. A fix needed maybe? Xo

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